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Molecular and Cell Biological Innovations to Advance Veterinary Animal Research
(Editor: L.C. Louis Penning)
Anatomy, Histology and Pathology 31 Mar 2019
Escherichia coli Pathogenesis in Animal and Human Disease
(Editor: A. Mahdi Saeed)
31 Jul 2019 2
African Swine Fever (ASF)
(Editors: Klaus Robert Depner, Karl Ståhl, Arvo Viltrop)
30 Jun 2019
Allergies in Animals and Humans
(Editor: Rob Siebers)
31 May 2017 6
Alternative Approaches for the Treatment and Control of Endo and Ectoparasites of Farm Animals
(Editor: Stefania Perrucci)
30 Jun 2018 6
Animal Models of Disease
(Editor: Duncan C. Ferguson)
28 Feb 2015 9
Canine Rabies Surveillance, Control and Elimination
(Editor: Ricardo Castillo-Neyra)
15 May 2018 6
Comparative Oncology: Integrating Naturally Occurring Cancers of Dogs into Investigations of Cancer Biology and Therapy
(Editors: Chiara Palmieri, Rachel Allavena)
28 Feb 2019 5
Comparative Pathogenesis of Cancers in Animals and Humans
(Editor: Jaime F. Modiano, VMD, PhD)
31 May 2015 19
Comparative Studies in Tick-Borne Diseases in Animals and Humans
(Editor: Ulrike Munderloh)
31 Aug 2016 13
Comparative Studies on HIV and FIV in Animals and Humans
(Editors: Rick Meeker PhD, Jonathan Fogle DVM, PhD, DACVIM)
1 Dec 2016 6
Comparison of Cardiovascular Systems and Diseases Across Species
(Editors: Sonja Fonfara, Lynne O’Sullivan)
31 Oct 2016 8
Control, Prevention and Elimination of Zoonotic Diseases
(Editor: Katharina D. C. Stärk)
31 Jul 2017 5
Current Research Findings in Veterinary Medicine in the Caribbean Region
(Editors: Lennox Applewhaite, Carla Phillips, Brendan Lee)
1 Oct 2017 14
Educating the Future of Veterinary Science and Medicine
(Editor: Mark A. Brown)
31 May 2018 7
Food and Waterborne Infections in Animals and Humans
(Editors: Chrissanthy Papadopoulou, Vangelis Economou, Hercules Sakkas)
30 Apr 2017 7
Italian Society of the Veterinary Sciences SISVet 2018
(Editors: Luigi Bertolotti, Francesco Staffieri, Orlando Paciello, Emanuela Valle)
20 Jan 2019 10
Molecular Nutrition: Methods, Advances, and Practical Applications to Improve Health and Performance of Livestock and Pets
(Editor: Massimo Bionaz)
31 Jul 2019 1
Mycobacterial Diseases in Animals
(Editors: Shigetoshi Eda, Graham J. Hickling)
30 Apr 2019
One Health—9th Tick and Tick-borne Pathogen Conference and 1st Asia Pacific Rickettsia Conference
(Editors: Manuel Rodriguez Valle, Ala Tabor)
31 Jan 2018 10
Prevention and Control of Diseases at the Interface of Livestock, Wildlife, and Humans
(Editors: Cord Heuer, Richard Kock)
31 Jul 2018 6
Selected Papers from the First International Conference ‘Babies and Animals: Pediatrician Meet Vets’
(Editors: Paolo Manzoni, Raffaella Barbero, Daniela Dezzutto, Maria Silvia Gennero, Andrea Peano, Giovanni Re, Renato Turra, Emanuela Valle)
31 Jul 2017 10
Zoonotic and Emerging Diseases at Human-Animal Interface
(Editor: Muhammad Munir)
30 Sep 2019 1
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