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Most Cited & Viewed Papers

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Estimating the Stability of Psychological Dimensions via Bootstrap Exploratory Graph Analysis: A Monte Carlo Simulation and Tutorial
Experimental Manipulation of Psychological Control Scenarios: Implications for Exercise and Memory Research
The Prevalence of Nomophobia by Population and by Research Tool: A Systematic Review, Meta-Analysis, and Meta-Regression
Effects of Intensity-Specific Acute Exercise on Paired-Associative Memory and Memory Interference
Testing and Interpreting Latent Variable Interactions Using the semTools Package
Development and Validation of an Inventory for Stressful Situations in University Students Involving Coping Mechanisms: An Interesting Cultural Mix in Ghana
The EmojiGrid as a Tool to Assess Experienced and Perceived Emotions
Listening to People with Misophonia: Exploring the Multiple Dimensions of Sound Intolerance Using a New Psychometric Tool, the S-Five, in a Large Sample of Individuals Identifying with the Condition
Biogeographic Ancestry, Cognitive Ability and Socioeconomic Outcomes
Global Ancestry and Cognitive Ability
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