Tumor Microenvironment

A section of Cancers (ISSN 2072-6694).

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The MDPI journal Cancers has recently defined the scope and have introduced a Tumor Microenvironment Section. The TME section aims to publish high-quality research on the molecular and cellular components of cancer microenvironment, with a particular focus on basic, translational and clinical research that has significant implications for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of human malignancies. The subject area include, but not limited to, the mechanisms playing essential role in tumor cell plasticity under the influence of unique microenvironment, molecular and cellular markers for diagnosis, prognosis, drug targets in malignant cells and its microenvironment, and the role of microbiome in influencing the etiology and characteristics of cancer cell. The section also encourages communication of scientific advancement in complementary and alternative medicines influencing tumor microenvironment.

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