Journal History

2009 The inaugural issue was released. Cancers was published as a quarterly journal.
2013 Cancers was indexed in PubMed (NLM) and Scopus.
2015 Cancers changed to publish in article number order instead of in page range order.
2016 Cancers adopted a monthly publication schedule.
Cancers announced the first edition of the Travel Awards.
The journal Twitter account was established.
2017 Cancers was indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) - Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics).
2018 Cancers received a first Impact Factor of 5.326. The journal ranked 44/222 (Q1) in the 'Oncology' category.
2019 Cancers received an Impact Factor of 6.162. The journal ranked 31/229 (Q1) in the 'Oncology' category in JCR.
Cancers published more than 2000 papers in the year of 2019.
Cancers became an affiliated journal of the Signal Transduction Society (STS).
2020 Cancers established the following sections:
- Molecular Cancer Biology;
- Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy;
- Cancer Biomarkers;
- Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention;
- Cancer Pathophysiology;
- Tumor Microenvironment;
- Cancer Causes, Screening and Diagnosis;
- Cancer Nursing and Care;
- Cancer Therapy;
- Clinical Trials of Cancer;
- Systematic Review or Meta-Analysis in Cancer Research;
- Methods and Technologies Development;
- Cancer Informatics and Big Data.
Cancers announced the first edition of the Outstanding Reviewer Awards and second edition of the Young Investigator Awards.
2021 Cancers adopted a semi-monthly publication schedule.
Cancers received an Impact Factor of 6.639. The journal ranked 51/242 (Q1) in the 'Oncology' category.
Cancers established the following sections:
- Pediatric Oncology;
- Infectious Agents and Cancer.
2022 Section Cancer Nursing and Care has been renamed as Section Transplant Oncology and Cancer Nursing Care.
Cancers has received an Impact Factor of 6.575, ranked 60/245 (Q1) in the 'Oncology' category.
Cancers has established the following section:
- Cancer Drug Development;
- Cancer Metastasis.


2009–2015 Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Robert H. Weiss
2015–present Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Samuel C. Mok

Section Editor-in-Chief

2020–2022 Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Eduardo Nagore for the section on Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention
2020–present Section Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Carlos S. Moreno for the section on Cancer Biomarkers
Section Editor-in-Chief:
Prof. Dr. Donat Kögel for the section on Molecular Cancer Biology
Section Editor-in-Chief:
Dr. Barbara Wegiel for the section on Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy
Section Editor-in-Chief:
Dr. Nicola Amodio for the section on Cancer Pathophysiology
Section Editor-in-Chief:
Prof. Dr. Sanjay Gupta for the section on Tumor Microenvironment
Section Editor-in-Chief:
Dr. Kevin Camphausen for the section on Cancer Therapy
Section Editor-in-Chief:
Prof. Dr. Alexandre Escargueil for the section on Cancer Therapy
Section Editor-in-Chief:
Prof. Dr. Massimo Di Maio for the section on Systematic Review or Meta-Analysis in Cancer Research
Section Editor-in-Chief:
Prof. Dr. Fiona Lyng for the section on Methods and Technologies Development
Section Editor-in-Chief:
Dr. Jason Roszik for the section on Cancer Informatics and Big Data
Section Editor-in-Chief:
Prof. Dr. Massoud Mirshahi for the section on Cancer Causes, Screening and Diagnosis
2021–2022 Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Antoine Italiano for the section on Clinical Trials of Cancer
2022–present Section Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Maen Abdelrahim for the section on Cancer Nursing and Care
Section Editor-in-Chief:
 Dr. Sam Mbulaiteye for the section on Infectious Agents and Cancer
Section Editor-in-Chief: 
Prof. Dr. Anupam Bishayee for the section on Cancer Drug Development
Section Editor-in-Chief: 
 Prof. Dr. Sanjay K. Srivastava for the section on Cancer Metastasis
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