Sections - Cancers

Molecular Cancer Biology 1446 Articles

Prof. Dr. Donat Kögel  

Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy 753 Articles

Dr. Barbara Wegiel  

Cancer Biomarkers 808 Articles

Dr. Carlos S. Moreno  

Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention 316 Articles

Dr. Farrukh Aqil  

Cancer Pathophysiology 475 Articles

Dr. Nicola Amodio  

Tumor Microenvironment 552 Articles

Prof. Dr. Sanjay Gupta  

Cancer Causes, Screening and Diagnosis 500 Articles

Prof. Dr. Massoud Mirshahi  

Cancer Nursing and Care 280 Articles

Cancer Therapy 2696 Articles

Prof. Dr. Alexandre Escargueil  
Dr. Kevin Camphausen  

Clinical Trials of Cancer 321 Articles

Prof. Dr. Antoine Italiano  

Systematic Review or Meta-Analysis in Cancer Research 93 Articles

Prof. Dr. Massimo Di Maio  

Methods and Technologies Development 295 Articles

Prof. Fiona Lyng  

Cancer Informatics and Big Data 199 Articles

Dr. Jason Roszik  

Pediatric Oncology 72 Articles

Dr. Ronald de Krijger  

Infectious Agents and Cancer 8 Articles


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