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A section of Life (ISSN 2075-1729).

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The Plant Science section of the journal Life publishes original research and timely review articles on all aspects of plant science, including both plant biology and engineering applications. The section aims to increase our knowledge of plant molecular biology, plant physiology, plant pathology, plant phylogeny and the interactions with both the abiotic and biotic environments. Topic include, but are not limited to:

  • Plant genomics, proteomics, metabolomics;
  • Plant molecular biology;
  • Phytochemistry;
  • Plant physiology and ecophysiology;
  • Plant pathology;
  • Plant diversity, phylogeny and taxonomy;
  • Plant–environment interactions;
  • Plant–microbe interactions;
  • Plant tissue culture;
  • Plant evolutionary mechanisms;
  • Plant extracts and their therapeutic effects;
  • Biodiversity and its protection;
  • Medicinal plants;
  • Endangered plants;
  • Botanical pesticides;
  • Plant parasitic nematodes;
  • Plant insects and their effects;
  • Plant biotechnology;
  • Fenetically modified crops.

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