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Advances in Parkinson's Disease Drugs
(Editors: Antonio Di Stefano, Lisa Marinelli)
30 Apr 2019
Alpha-Synuclein: From function to Disfunction
(Editor: David R. Brown)
1 Dec 2018 1
An Energy Landscape Perspective of Protein Structure Prediction and Analysis
(Editor: Amarda Shehu)
18 Mar 2019
Anticancer Platinum drugs update
(Editor: Giuliano Ciarimboli)
30 Jun 2019
Antifreeze Protein: New Insight from Different Approaches
(Editors: Hidemasa Kondo, Sakae Tsuda)
28 Feb 2019
Antimicrobial Peptides: Development, Conjugation, and Beyond
(Editor: Suzana K. Straus)
30 Jul 2018 6
Bacterial RNA Polymerase
(Editors: Sivaramesh Wigneshweraraj, Deborah M. Hinton)
31 Jan 2015 9
Beyond Lipid Rafts and Caveolae: From Caveolae Compartmentalization of Signal Transduction to Medicine
(Editors: Shengwen Calvin Li, Massimo Sargiacomo, Jacques Couet, Eric Kübler)
15 Jun 2019
Biofuel Cells
(Editor: Lital Alfonta)
19 Jul 2019
Biomolecules for Translational Approaches in Cardiology
(Editors: Mahir Karakas, Tanja Zeller)
30 Nov 2018 15
Biomolecules: Insights from Single Molecule, Single Cell, and Systems Biology Perspectives
(Editors: Prakash Kulkarni, Vladimir N. Uversky)
30 Oct 2018 5
Cancer and Glycosylation
(Editor: Franz-Georg Hanisch)
31 Mar 2016 6
Cell Penetrating Peptides
(Editor: Jean-Philippe Pellois)
15 Jun 2018 6
Cell Type- and Context-Specific Roles and Regulation of Notch Signaling
(Editor: Hamed Jafar-Nejad)
30 Jul 2019
Cellular Membrane Domains and Organization
(Editors: Nadège Jamin, Stéphane Orlowski)
30 Jul 2018 11
Challenges in Glycan, Glycoprotein and Proteoglycan Research
(Editor: Hans Vliegenthart)
31 May 2015 27
Collagen and the Extracellular Matrix
(Editors: Marcel E. Nimni, George Martin)
20 Dec 2018
Complex Chromosomal Rearrangements in Cancers and Congenital Disorders
(Editors: Cheng-Zhong Zhang, Alexander Spektor, Cynthia Casson Morton)
15 Sep 2018
Cytoskeleton and Regulation of Mitosis
(Editors: Marin Barisic, Jorge Ferreira)
30 Nov 2018
DNA Damage Response
(Editors: Wolf-Dietrich Heyer, Thomas Helleday, Fumio Hanaoka)
30 Jun 2015 33
DNA Methylation and Cancer
(Editors: Gerda Egger, Melanie R. Hassler)
30 Aug 2016 7
Enzymes and Their Biotechnological Applications Printed Edition available
(Editor: Pabulo H. Rampelotto)
30 Jun 2013 21
Evaluation and formulation of Bioactive Terpenes
(Editors: Valdir Florencio da Veiga Junior, Ádley Antonini Neves de Lima, Letícia Scherer Koester)
31 Mar 2019
Evolutionary and Molecular Aspects of Plastid Endosymbioses
(Editors: Miroslav Oborník, Zoltán Füssy)
30 Jun 2019
Evolving Functional Features of Peptidyl-Prolyl cis-trans Isomerases (PPIases) in Mono-Cellular versus Multi-Cellular Organisms
(Editor: Andrzej Galat)
30 Oct 2018 3
Exploring the Mechanisms by which α-Synuclein Kills Cells in Parkinson Disease
(Editor: Stephan N. Witt)
15 Mar 2015 14
Feature Papers
(Editor: Jürg Bähler)
31 Dec 2011 12
Focus Update in Biomolecules
(Editor: Jürg Bähler)
30 Dec 2013 6
Function and Structure of RNase P in Fungi, Bacteria and Human Cells
(Editor: Denis Drainas)
31 Jan 2016 6
Functional Amyloids
(Editors: Margaret Sunde, Matthew Chapman, Daniel Otzen, Sarah Perrett)
15 May 2017 16
Genome Maintenance Mechanisms
(Editor: Eishi Noguchi)
31 Mar 2019
HIV: ART and Immune Activation
(Editors: Santhi Gorantla, Larisa Poluektova)
15 Jun 2019
Hormone Receptors in Cancer
(Editor: Kenichi Takayama)
15 Mar 2019
(Editor: Rhodri Ceredig)
31 Oct 2014 6
Intrinsically Disordered Proteins and Chronic Diseases
(Editors: Prakash Kulkarni, Vladimir N. Uversky)
1 Dec 2018
Key Biomolecules in Bone Resorption
(Editor: L. Shannon Holliday)
1 Mar 2019 1
(Editors: Harald C. Köfeler, Gerald N. Rechberger)
31 Oct 2018 2
Lipids of Marine Algae
(Editors: Rosário Domingues, Ricardo Calado)
30 Oct 2019
Machine Learning for Molecular Modelling in Drug Design
(Editor: Pedro J. Ballester)
25 Sep 2018 5
Mammalian Ceramide Synthases: function and perspectives
(Editor: Natalia I. Krupenko )
31 Jul 2019
Mechanobiology in Health and Disease
(Editor: Yubing Sun)
30 Apr 2019
Melanins, Melanogenesis and Its Inhibitors and Melanin-Like Polymers: Sources, Types, Functions and Bioapplications
(Editor: Francisco Solano)
31 Jul 2019
Metal Binding Proteins
(Editor: Eugene Permyakov)
31 Jan 2014 12
Metalloproteins: Metal-Binding Molecules Essential for Life
(Editors: Oscar Palacios, Jean-Didier Maréchal)
30 Sep 2018
Mitochondrial Diseases
(Editor: Josephine S. Modica-Napolitano)
15 Jan 2019
Molecular Pathways Involved in Drug Abuse and Their Implication in Impulsivity and Learning Processes
(Editors: Elena Escubedo, David Pubill)
30 May 2019
Moving Forward with Dendrimers: A Themed Issue in Honor of Professor Donald A. Tomalia on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday
(Editor: Zofia Urbanczyk-Lipkowska)
31 Jan 2019 2
Multidrug Combinations
(Editor: Nuno Vale)
15 Jan 2019
Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy
(Editor: Helen Townley)
30 Apr 2019 2
Natural Products and Bionanotechnology for Cancer and Disease Treatment
(Editors: Xingcai Zhang, Feng Liang, Wei Zhang)
30 Aug 2019 2
New Approaches for the Discovery of Pharmacologically-Active Natural Compounds
(Editor: José L. Medina-Franco)
1 Dec 2018 5
Novel Computational and Data-Driven Approaches for Protein Design and Their Application
(Editor: Jan Brezovsky)
31 Dec 2018 1
Obesity and Hormones
(Editor: Srinivas Nammi)
30 Jun 2019 1
Oxidative Stress and Oxygen Radicals Printed Edition available
(Editors: Michael Breitenbach, Peter Eckl)
31 Dec 2014 17
Phosphoinositide 3-kinase, a Field in Transition
(Editor: Peter K. Vogt)
31 Dec 2018
Plant-Food-Derived Bioactive Molecules on Human Longevity and Disease Prevention
(Editors: Natália Martins, Javad Sharifi-Rad, Bahare Salehi, William N. Setzer)
25 Sep 2019 1
Proteasomes and Its Regulators
(Editors: Olivier Coux, Michael H. Glickman)
31 Mar 2014 17
Protein Folding and Misfolding
(Editor: Alexeii Finkelstein)
27 Dec 2013 22
Protein SUMOylation
(Editor: Seth Blackshaw)
28 Feb 2012 8
Retinoids in Embryonic Development
(Editors: Michael Schubert, Yann Gibert)
15 Oct 2019
RNA-Binding Proteins—Structure, Function, Networks and Disease
(Editor: André P. Gerber)
31 Mar 2015 22
Role and Regulation of Glutamate Metabolism
(Editor: Kenneth E. Miller)
31 Aug 2015 6
Roles of Sirtuins in Cancer
(Editor: WenYong Chen)
28 Feb 2019
rRNA Biology
(Editor: Jean-Jacques Diaz)
31 Aug 2018 6
Sphingolipids and Bioactive Lipids
(Editors: Yusuf A. Hannun, Cungui Mao, Chiara Luberto)
31 May 2013 7
Systems Genomics Approaches for Understanding Multi-omics Data
(Editors: Prashanth N Suravajhala, Alexey Golstov)
1 Sep 2019
Tau Protein and Alzheimer’s disease
(Editors: Claude M. Wischik, Charles Harrington)
31 Oct 2015 8
The Broader Cellular Impact of Proteasome-CSN-eIf3 (PCI) Complexes
(Editors: Tommer Ravid, Michael Glickman)
30 Apr 2019
The Potential Role of Astrocytes in Memory and Learning Processes
(Editor: Marta Navarrete Llinás)
15 Sep 2019
The Ubiquitin-Independent, 20S Proteasome-Mediated, Protein Degradation Pathway
(Editors: Michal Sharon, Yosef Shaul)
31 Dec 2018
TOR Signaling Pathway
(Editors: Kazuhiro Shiozaki, Ted Powers)
31 May 2017 10
Transcriptional Regulation of Pro-Inflammatory Genes
(Editor: Ivana Vancurova)
30 Apr 2015 15
Transport Properties for Pharmaceutical Controlled-Release Systems
(Editors: Ana Cristina Faria Ribeiro, Miguel A. Esteso)
1 Oct 2018
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