Molecular Structure and Dynamics 143 Articles

Prof. Dr. Irina Nesmelova  

Bioinformatics and Systems Biology 411 Articles

Prof. Dr. Lukasz Kurgan  

Molecular Medicine 1514 Articles

Natural and Bio-derived Molecules 672 Articles

Dr. Hang Fai (Henry) Kwok  

Synthetic Biology and Bioengineering 92 Articles

Chemical Biology 345 Articles

Cellular Biochemistry 872 Articles

Prof. Dr. Anna Rita Franco Migliaccio  

Biological Factors 379 Articles

Biological and Bio- Materials 262 Articles

Dr. Bahman Anvari  

Enzymology 141 Articles

Prof. Dr. Piero Crespo  

Molecular Genetics 228 Articles

Prof. Dr. Jürg Bähler  

Molecular Biology 811 Articles

Molecular Biomarkers 229 Articles

Molecular Reproduction 72 Articles

Molecular Biophysics 96 Articles

Prof. Dr. Peter Pohl  

Biomacromolecules: Proteins 240 Articles

Prof. Dr. Benoit Coulombe  

Biomacromolecules: Lipids 129 Articles

Prof. Dr. Robert V. Stahelin  

Biomacromolecules: Carbohydrates 54 Articles

Biomacromolecules: Nucleic Acids 87 Articles

Prof. Dr. Peter E. Nielsen  

General 2910 Articles

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