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The Functions of a Servant Leader
The Importance of Continuing Professional Development to Career Satisfaction and Patient Care: Meeting the Needs of Novice to Mid- to Late-Career Nurses throughout Their Career Span
The Impact of Heavy Perceived Nurse Workloads on Patient and Nurse Outcomes
A Review of Social Media Use in E-Government
Factors Affecting Purchase Intentions in Generation Y: An Empirical Evidence from Fast Food Industry in Malaysia
Under Pressure: Time Management, Self-Leadership, and the Nurse Manager
Toxic Corporate Culture: Assessing Organizational Processes of Deviancy
Human Resource Management, 11th Edition International Student Version. By David A. DeCenzo, Stephen P. Robbins and Susan L. Verhulst, Wiley, 2013; 448 Pages. Price £54.99 / €66.00, ISBN 978-1-1183-7971-4
Applying Emotional Intelligence Skills to Leadership and Decision Making in Non-Profit Organizations
An Inductive Discussion of the Interrelationships between Nursing Shortage, Horizontal Violence, Generational Diversity, and Healthy Work Environments
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