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Special Issue Title
Special Issue Editors
Submission Deadline
Subm. D/L
3D Printing of Biomaterials
(Editor: Daniël Wismeijer)
31 May 2018 5
Advanced Functional Nanobiomaterials
(Editor: Anderson Lobo)
31 Oct 2018 1
Advances in Ophthalmic Biomaterials
(Editors: Heather Sheardown, Traian V. Chirila)
31 Mar 2013 6
Advances in the Tribology of Artificial Hip and Knee Joints
(Editor: Rajshree Mootanah)
31 Jul 2015 5
Application of Bioactive Glass Scaffolds
(Editor: Jonathan Massera)
30 Jun 2019
Application of Biomechanical Model on Tissue Engineering
(Editors: Valeria Chiono, Jack Adam Tuszynski)
31 Dec 2019
Biocompatibility of Biomaterials
(Editor: Paul V. Hatton)
30 Jun 2012 10
Biodegradable Scaffolds
(Editor: Christine Knabe-Ducheyne)
27 Jun 2017 5
Biomaterial Enhanced Regeneration
(Editor: Dale Feldman)
31 Jul 2018 2
Biomaterials for Spinal Applications
(Editor: Benjamin Gantenbein)
30 May 2018 3
Biomedical Applications of Chitin and Chitosan
(Editors: Kazuo Azuma, R. Jayakumar)
31 Jul 2015 6
Biomedical Applications of Shape Memory Alloys
(Editors: Tony Anson, Lorenza Petrini)
31 Mar 2015 5
Biomimetic Materials for Regenerative Medicine
(Editor: Laura A. Smith Callahan)
31 Mar 2019
Blood Substitutes
(Editor: Ken Olsen)
30 Nov 2014 6
Blood Substitutes: Evolution and Future Applications
(Editor: Hiromi Sakai)
3 Jul 2017 5
Chitosan and Chitosan-Based Biomaterials
(Editor: Sundararajan V. Madihally)
31 Aug 2018 1
Clay-Based Biomaterials: From Synthesis to Applications
(Editors: Serena Riela, Marina Massaro)
31 Jul 2018 1
Conductive Polymers and Composites for Medical Application
(Editors: Vincenzo Guarino, Sylvia W. Thomas)
31 Dec 2019
Corneal Disease and Biomaterials
(Editor: Dimitrios Karamichos)
29 Feb 2016 5
Corneal Scarring: Wound Healing and Biomaterials
(Editor: Dimitris Karamichos)
31 Aug 2012 5
Endodontic Biomaterials
(Editor: João M. Santos)
30 Apr 2019
Feature Papers
(Editor: Francesco Puoci)
31 Dec 2015 10
Four-dimensional Biofabrication: Stimuli-responsive Mechanisms for Tissue Engineering
(Editor: Pedro Morouço)
30 Nov 2018
Functional Biomaterials in Drug Delivery Applications
(Editors: Francesco Cilurzo, Francesca Selmin)
31 May 2019
Functional Engineering and Biomechanical Features of Biomaterials Applied to Dental Practice
(Editors: Marco Cicciù, Giacomo Risitano)
20 Dec 2018
Functional Materials for Healthcare
(Editors: Francesco Puoci, Maria Rosaria Plutino, Giuseppe Rosace, Maria Stefania Sinicropi)
30 Apr 2018 5
Functionalized Biomimetic Calcium Phosphates
(Editors: Adriana Bigi, Elisa Boanini)
31 Mar 2019
Innovative Biomaterial Solutions for Translational Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
(Editor: Ziyad S. Haidar)
30 Apr 2019
Journal of Functional Biomaterials: Feature Papers 2016
(Editor: Francesco Puoci)
30 Nov 2016 29
Molecularly Imprinted Polymers in Biomedical Applications
(Editors: Carmen Alvarez-Lorenzo, Angel Concheiro)
29 Feb 2012 5
Ocular Tissue Engineering Printed Edition available
(Editor: Dimitrios Karamichos)
30 Nov 2015 14
Smart Biomaterials
(Editor: Jessica Amber D. Jennings)
31 Jan 2019
Stem Cells and Biomaterials
(Editor: David L. Kaplan)
30 Apr 2011 6
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