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Prof. Dr. Shirley Chiang
Department of Physics, University of California Davis, One Shields Avenue, Davis, CA 95616-5270, USA
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Interests: nanotechnology; nanomaterials; surface microscopy; surface physics and chemistry; scanning probe microscopy (STM, AFM, ultrahigh vacuum); low energy electron microscopy (LEEM); x-ray photoemission spectroscopy (XPS); metals on semiconductors; graphene, adsorption on surfaces; surface phase transitions
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Prof. Dr. Stefano Agnoli
Department Chemistry Science, University of Padua, Via Marzolo 1, I-35131 Padua, Italy
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Interests: surface science; thin films; metal organic frameworks; 2D materials; oxide nanostructures; chemical vapour deposition; heterogeneous catalysis; electrocatalysis
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Special Issue in Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Structure and Applications of 2D Nanomaterials
Prof. Dr. Hans Agren
Division of Theoretical Chemistry and Biology, School of Biology, Royal Institute of Technology, SE-10609 Stocholm, Sweden
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Interests: theorectial chemistry; quantum-classical modelling; light-matter interaction; spectroscopy; nanobiotechnology; plasmonic and upconverting nanoparticles
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Special Issue in Nanomaterials: Nanostructured Solar Cells
Prof. Francisco Alonso
Institute of Organic Synthesis, Universidad de Alicante, Alicante, Spain
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Interests: nanocatalysis, metal nanoparticles, heterogeneous catalysis, organic synthesis, organometallics, green chemistry
Prof. Dr. João Pedro Araujo
Universidade do Porto, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Porto, Portugal
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Interests: Nanomaterials, Magnetic Nanomaterials, Template based synthesis, Van der Walls materials, Energy Harvesting, Solar and Photoelectrochemical Cells, Electronic structure methods, Hyperfine Methods
Prof. Dr. Jordi Arbiol
1. Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2), CSIC and BIST, Campus UAB, Bellaterra, 08193 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
2. ICREA, Pg. Lluís Companys 23, 08010 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
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Interests: nanowires; electron microscopy; nanostructures; growth mechanisms
Prof. Silvia Ardizzone
Università degli Studi di Milano, Milano, Italy
Tel. +39-025-031-4225; Fax: +39-025-031-4212
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Interests: nanomaterials, smart surfaces, photocatalisis, composites, hybrid materials, oxides
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Special Issue in Nanomaterials: Preparation and Application of Hybrid Nanomaterials
Prof. Dr. Sivaram Arepalli
Department of Materials Science and NanoEngineering, Rice University, Houston, TX 77005-1892, USA
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Interests: lasers and flow diagnostics; aerothermo dynamics and plasma diagnostics; R&D of thermal protection materials; radiation protection; structural and vehicle health monitoring; nano materials; nano sensors and nano composites
Dr. Ilaria Armentano
Department of Ecological and Biological Sciences (DEB), Tuscia University, Largo dell’Università, 01100 Viterbo, Italy
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Interests: nanomaterials; biomaterials; tissue engineering; nanocomposite; biodegradable polymers; surface characterization
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Special Issue in Nanomaterials: Nanomaterials for Tissue Engineering
Special Issue in Nanomaterials: Nanocomposites Based on Biodegradable Polymers for Tissue Engineering Applications
Prof. Roi Baer
Fritz Haber Center for Molecular Dynamics and Institute of Chemistry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 9190401 Israel
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Interests: electron-dynamics in molecules, clusters and nanocrystals; computational techniques for studying the behavior of charge carriers in nanocrystals and polymers
Dr. Lavinia Balan
Institute of Materials Science of Mulhouse (IS2M) UMR 7361 15 rue Jean Starcky Mulhouse-France
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Interests: nanocomposites and photo-design of metal nanoparticles and nanocrystals (quantum dots) suited for advanced applications in the fields of optic, photonics, plasmonics, imaging or biology
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