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20–22 June 2022 9th International Symposium on Sensor Science - I3S 2022

Warsaw, Poland

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the 9th International Symposium on Sensor Science, to be held in Warsaw, Poland, from 20 to 22 June 2022.

Sensor technology has been shown to be suitable for applications in many important fields, including industrial applications, security medical diagnostics, and environmental monitoring. This international conference, supported by the Photonics Society of Poland, Warsaw University of Technology as well MDPI Sensors, will bring together scientists from different areas to discuss important recent developments in sensor technology. It will represent a great opportunity for an in-person meeting of an interdisciplinary community aiming to discuss important breakthroughs in sensor technology and its related fields.

The main topics of the conference include:

  • Chemical sensors;
  • Biosensors;
  • Physical sensors;
  • Optical/photonic sensors;
  • Sensor applications;
  • Specialty optical fibers for sensing;
  • Materials, microfluidics, configurations and strategies for sensing;
  • Distributed sensing in optical fibers;
  • Amorphous materials for sensor applications.

We look forward to your participation in this exciting event.

Dr. Piotr Lesiak, Prof. Tomasz Woliński, Prof. Leszek Jaroszewicz
I3S2022 Conference Chairs

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25–27 May 2022 Polymers 2022 -New Trends in Polymer Science: Health of the Planet, Health of the People

Turin, Italy

We are very proud and honored to announce the international conference Polymers 2022 - New Trends in Polymers Science: Health of the Planet, Health of the People, organized in collaboration with the MDPI open access journal Polymers. The conference will be held in Turin, Italy, on May 25–27, 2022.

The purpose of the meeting is to bring together scientists from academia and industry to present leading-edge research on the advancements in polymer science and technology in all its main aspects, with a particular emphasis on those aiming to preserve and improve the health of the planet and of people, as per title. Both oral and poster contributions are welcome. The broad themes that will be addressed during the conference include synthesis, modification, and characterization of synthetic and natural polymers, polymers from green chemistry, polymer hybrids, nanocomposites, polymer biomaterials, polymers in drug delivery and tissue engineering, polymers for human health, bio-based and biodegradable polymers, polymer recycling and re-use, polymers for the environment, functional polymers, and polymers in energy, among others.

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Upcoming Partner Conferences (12)

13–15 June 2022 The 2nd Global Summit and Expo on Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials

Copenhagen, Denmark

Dear Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to announce that The Scientist will be hosting the 2nd Global Summit and Expo on Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials (GSENN2022), which will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 13–15 June 2022.

GSENN2022 aims to unite renowned researchers, scientists, and scholars in the field of nanotechnology and nanomaterials to exchange ideas, share their experiences, present sophisticated research works, and discuss the current hot topics in this field of research.

The GSENN2022 will be a 3-day event, and will gather the key players of the nanotechnology and nanomaterials community, and related sectors. This event aims to become an established event, attracting global participants who are intent on sharing, exchanging and exploring new avenues for research in the areas of nanotechnology and nanomaterials, catalysis and surface processes, smart graphene materials, nanoparticle enhanced spectroscopy, nanotechnology risk and safety, and nanoscale structures for solar energy.

Moreover, the conference offers a valuable platform to create new contacts in the field of nanotechnology and nanomaterials, by providing valuable networking time for you to become acquainted with great personnel in the field.

We look forward to seeing you at GSENN2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

20–23 June 2022 The 6th International Conference on Nanogenerators and Piezotronics ( NGPT2022 )


You are very welcome to the 6th International Conference on Nanogenerators and Piezotronics, which will take place on 20–23 June online. Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall, Sweden, will be the host of the conference. We are happy to invite you to join this conference and discuss the forefront of research in nanogenerators and piezotronics. The conference is open to all studies related to nanogenerators and piezotronics. We will do our best to make this conference an exciting and unforgettable experience for all participants.

2–9 July 2022 19th International Conference on Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (NANOTEXNOLOGY 2022)

Thessaloniki, Greece

NANOTEXNOLOGY is the technology, business, and networking premier annual multi-event exploring key advances and commercialization opportunities in the fields of Nanotechnologies, Nanomaterials, Organic Electronics, AI, 3D Printing/Bioprinting, and Nanomedicine.

It brings together a powerful international community of more than 2000 researchers, scientists, engineers, and business and policy professionals to promote research and industrial collaborations, identify priorities, and strengthen the innovation ecosystem.

NANOTEXNOLOGY 2022 will be a Hybrid event, combining both Live (On-site) and Virtual (On-line) presentations and participation.

It includes the following internationally established events:

  • 19th International Conference on Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies (NN22) 5 - 8 July
  • 15th International Symposium on Flexible Organic Electronics (ISFOE22) 4 - 7 July
  • 5th International Conference on 3D Printing & Bioprinting, AI, Digital and Additive Manufacturing (I3D22) 6 - 7 July
  • 16th International Summer Schools on "Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies, Organic Electronics & Nanomedicine" (ISSON22) 2 - 9 July
  • 12th International Exhibition on Nanotechnologies, Organic Electronics & Nanomedicine (EXPO22) 4 - 8 July
  • Business Forum 5 - 7 July
  • Matchmaking Event (B2B) 6 July

For more information, please click here:

5–8 July 2022 5th International Conference on Nanomaterials Science and Mechanical Engineering (ICNMSME-2022)

Aveiro, Portugal

Looks for significant Modern Problems of Nanomaterials Science and Mechanical Engineering, to provide a platform to the global researchers and practitioners from both academia as well as industry to meet and share cutting-edge development in the fields, to give possibility for young scientists and students present results and find your place in the future world.

Conference Topics:

  • Materials Science:
    • New Materials and Advanced Materials
    • Composites
    • Micro / Nano Materials
    • Nanotechnology
    • Low Dimension Structures
    • Ceramics
    • Metal alloy Materials
    • Biomaterials
    • Optical/Electronic/Magnetic Materials
    • Organometallic Compounds
    • Sensor Materials
    • Manufacturing Processes and Mechanical Engineering
    • Building Materials
    • New Energy Materials
    • Environmental Friendly Materials
    • Thin Films
    • Protective Coatings and Corrosion of Materials
    • Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Science
    • Engineering & Technology
    • New Methods of Modeling Properties Materials
  • Mechanical Engineering:
    • Surface Engineering/Coatings
    • Materials Forming
    • Materials Machining
    • Welding & Joining
    • Laser Processing
    • Powder Metallurgy
    • Tribology in Manufacturing Processes
    • Theory and Application of Friction and Wear
    • Microwave Processing of Materials
    • Waste-to-Energy
    • Waste Management and Waste Disposal
    • Thermal Engineering Theory and Applications
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Manufacturing, Virtual Manufacturing and Simulation
    • Engineering Optimization

5–8 July 2022 6th International Symposium on Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion

Bol, island of Brač, Croatia (hybrid)

The 6th International Symposium on Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion (mESC IS 2022) is a multidisciplinary international conference aiming to provide a long-term sharing of knowledge and discussions of topical issues in the field. The purpose is to bring together people from academia, industry, and government organizations to exchange ideas and strengthen cooperation. The symposium will provide a forum for discussion around recent progress made in three major activity areas, namely batteries, solid-state hydrogen storage, and fuel cells. The symposium will have a fair balance of plenary sessions covering cross-cutting issues and state-of-the-art reviews and parallel sessions with contributed papers and poster presentations.

24–28 July 2022 The 84th Prague Meeting on Macromolecules—“Frontiers of Polymer Colloids: From Synthesis to Macro-Scale and Nano-Scale”

Prague, Czech Republic

The conference “Frontiers of Polymer Colloids: From Synthesis to Macro-Scale and Nano-Scale Applications” will focus on the latest innovative development in synthesis and characterization of polymer colloids both for life sciences and industry. The meeting will bring together multi-disciplinary experts from both academia and industry in the areas of polymer and material science, pharmaceutics, imaging, biology, and medicine.


  • Preparation of advanced polymer and/or inorganic colloids, living polymerization systems, kinetics and mechanism, micro- and nano-encapsulation, core-shell and hollow particles, engineered surfaces, computer simulations.
  • Biomedical aspects: particles for life sciences, drug and gene delivery, biomedical diagnostics, sensors. Colloids in nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine.
  • Stimuli-responsive colloids, self-assembled systems, interfacial phenomena, characterization and physicochemical properties.
  • New trends in industrial applications: coatings, adhesives, catalysis, paper, textile, optical devices, energy storage.

3–6 August 2022 International Conference of Young Researchers on Advanced Materials (ICYRAM2022)

Fukuoka, Japan

The IUMRS-ICYRAM2022 will be held by A Hybrid Style (both onsite at Fukuoka and online). Abstracts for oral and poster presentations for the IUMRS-ICYRAM2022 may be submitted until 14 March 2022. Visit our website to find a list of the covered topics and the programmed symposia open for submissions.

The main mission of the ICYRAM is to create international networks between young researchers, who will lead next-generation material research. Young researchers, i.e., researchers who are <40 years old or who completed their PhD degree <15 years ago, will have unique opportunities to discuss, meet, and create networks within the global materials community.

Within the scope of the conference is nanomaterials science and devices, which is also within the scope of the Nanomaterials journal. Topics of interest will include:

  • Synthesis of advanced inorganic, organic, and hybrid nanomaterials;
  • Self-assembly and hetero-assembly of nanomaterials;
  • Surface modification of nanomaterials;
  • Device applications of nanomaterials in electronics, energy, environment, and biotechnology;
  • Novel structural and property characterization techniques;
  • Simulation and modeling of nanomaterials.

19–22 August 2022 2022 IEEE—the 10th International Conference on Information, Communication, and Networks

Gansu, China

2022 IEEE, the 10th International Conference on Information, Communication and Networks (ICICN) is to be held in Zhangye, Gansu, China on 19–22 August 2022, with workshops in Dunhuang on 23–24 August 2022. ICICN 2022 is co-sponsored by Lanzhou University of Technology and IEEE-CCSS (IEEE China Council Sensors Council and Systems Council Joint Chapter), co-organized by Northwestern Polytechnical University and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, in partnership with Xi'an University of Technology, Changchun University of Science and Technology, Xi'an Technological University, Macau University of Science and Technology, Shaanxi Normal University, and Xi'an Jiaotong University.

ICICN is an annual conference that was launched in the year 2013. ICICN was successfully held in Xi'an in 2021, virtually in 2020, in Macau in 2019, Kuala Lumpur in 2018, Bangkok, Thailand in 2017, Hong Kong in 2016, Florence, Italy in 2015, Phuket, Thailand in 2014, and Singapore in 2013. It will provide a valuable opportunity for researchers, scholars, and scientists to exchange ideas face to face. ICICN is very special due to its strong organization team, reputation, and wide sponsorship all around the world, making it the leading annual conference of information, communication and networks for researchers worldwide.

29 August–2 September 2022 The 16th International Conference on Near-Field Optics, Nanophotonics and Related Techniques

Victoria, BC, Canada

The International Conference on Near-Field Optics, Nanophotonics, and Related Techniques (NFO) has been held every second year since 1992, making it the leading conference in this area. Travelling between Europe, Asia, and the Americas, in 2022, NFO visits Canada for the first time and will be held in the beautiful city of Victoria.

Nanomaterials is sponsoring the best paper award for this conference and welcomes your participation.

7–9 September 2022 International Conference on Materials Science, Engineering & Technology

Singapore, Singapore

It is our pleasure to welcome you all to participate in person or virtually in this initiative conference on materials science, engineering, and technology to be held in Singapore on 7–9 September 2022.

The International Conference on Materials Science, Engineering, and Technology Singapore 2022 aims to bring together scientists from the industry and academia, as well as leaders from materials science, engineering and technology providers, policy makers, and investors to provide the unique possibility to meet and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and practical challenges encountered, and solutions adopted with scientists, engineers, students, suppliers, and business leaders from around the world on materials science, engineering, and technology.

The theme of the conference is “Encounters and Interventions in Materials Science, Engineering and Technology”.

On behalf of the organizing committee, we cordially invite and encourage potential authors to participate as well as submit their latest research findings in all areas of materials science, engineering, and technology. With the presence of outstanding international expert participants, there will be a productive evolution of new innovative ideas leading to new discoveries and its applications.

Lead the way in Materials Science, Engineering, and Technology!

11–16 September 2022 International Symposium on the Industrial Applications of the Mössbauer Effect (ISAME 2022)

Olomouc, Czech Republic

Dear Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to announce the postponed International Symposium on the Industrial Applications of the Mössbauer Effect is going to be held in Olomouc, Czech Republic, from 11 to 16 September 2022 (

ISIAME has been held every 4 years since the early 1980s. It is the only Mössbauer symposium focusing on industrial applications of the Mössbauer effect. A broad range of topics are to be covered during the symposium, mainly with the focus on those that have the potential to attract research towards the industrial applications of Mössbauer spectroscopy and stimulate contact between the industrial and academic worlds. The symposium will represent a great opportunity for an in-person meeting (the preferred alternative for oral presentations), although online participation is welcomed as well. The official language is English.

The main topics of the conference include:

  • T1 Catalysis
  • T2 Energy (coal, oil, nuclear, solar)
  • T3 Environment
  • T4 Magnetic materials and superconductive materials
  • T5 Biology and biomedicine
  • T6 Mineralogy
  • T7 Corrosion
  • T8 Electrochemistry, batteries, sensors
  • T9 Applications using synchrotron radiation
  • T10 Nanotechnology
  • T11 Metals and alloys
  • T12 Methodology and instrumentation
  • T13 Surface modification
  • T14 New glass and amorphous materials
  • T15 Rare Earth materials
  • T16 Metallurgy

We look forward to your participation in this exciting event.

On behalf of the local organizing committee

Assoc.Prof. Karolína Šišková, Dr.Lukáš Richterek and Assoc.Prof. Libor Machala

19–21 October 2022 NANOCON 2022—International Conference on Nanomaterials—Research and Application

OREA Congress Hotel Brno, Czech Republic, EU

Participants in the 14th International Conference NANOCON 2022 will learn about the research, development and application of nanomaterials in the Czech Republic and abroad, and have the opportunity to meet the world's leading nanotechnology scientists.

Topics covered by the conference include the preparation, properties, and characterization of nanomaterials; the applications of nanotechnologies in industry, environment, medicine, and biotechnology; and the influence of nanomaterials on the environment, health, metrology, and standardization of nanomaterials.

The conference will open with a plenary session featuring prominent personalities from abroad involved in the research and applications of nanomaterials. The 14th International Conference will accentuate the latest scientific and technological challenges in nanomedicine.

Conference topics:

  • Session A—Nanomaterials for Electronic, Magnetic, and Optic Applications; Carbon Nanostructures and Quantum Dots.
  • Session B—Industrial and Environmental Applications of Nanomaterials.
  • Session C—Bionanotechnology; Nanomaterials in Medicine.
  • Session D—Monitoring and Toxicity of Nanomaterials.
  • Session E—Advanced Methods for the Preparation and Characterization of Nanomaterials.

NANOCON is a popular conference among early-career researchers. Dr. Tasil Prnka, founder of the conference and promoter of nanotechnology in the Czech Republic, will be awarded the prize for the best lecture by a scientist under the age of thirty-three.

A competition for the best poster will be announced in the poster session. Three winners and five honorable mentions will be awarded.

The conference proceedings shall be submitted for indexing in the Web of Science and Scopus databases.

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