Endocrinology and Clinical Metabolic Research

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Metabolites and metabolism have long been key parts of endocrinology and clinical metabolic research. This section of Metabolites now provides a venue to focus on these areas of investigation. In addition to those areas of traditional interest, such as precision medicine, biomarker discovery and inborn errors of metabolism, other clinically relevant areas will also be given full consideration.

These include, but are not limited to, original research and review articles on:

  • metabolism in endocrine disorders
  • cardio-metabolic risk
  • fatty liver disease (NAFLD-NASH/MAFLD); cryptogenic and NAFLD-cirrhosis; NAFLD-HCC
  • chronic kidney disease; fatty pancreas and gut microbiota
  • adiposopathy and pathophysiology of adipose tissue
  • immunity and metabolism
  • metabolic derangements in infectious diseases
  • sex medicine as applied to normal and deranged metabolism
  • lifestyle and metabolism; chronometabolism; intermittent fasting
  • biochemical and molecular characterization of pathophenotypes in internal medicine

In all these areas and many others, multidisciplinary and molecular approaches will represent added value. We hope our readers will appreciate the section “Endocrinology and Clinical Metabolic Research” and look forward to receiving high-quality scientific submissions from all over the world, while committing ourselves to the rapid and accurate processing of manuscripts.

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