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22–24 January 2020 European RFMF Metabomeeting 2020

Toulouse, France

The French-speaking Metabolomics and Fluxomics Network (RFMF), Metabolomics Profiling Forum (MPF, Metabomeeting) and European regional metabolomics networks are pleased to announce a joint Metabolomics and Fluxomics conference taking place from 22nd to 24th January 2020 in Toulouse (France).
This event is a great opportunity to share recent worldwide developments in metabolomics and fluxomics. A wide range of application fields will be presented and discussed, including microorganism metabolism, plant metabolism and human health.
The conference will be organised in order to favour networking and stimulate the involvement of young scientists, all this in a spirit of “good food and good science”. Finally, this event will be the opportunity to strengthen scientific collaborations between
European regional networks in the field of metabolomics and fluxomics.

20–25 June 2020 HPLC 2020 — 50th International Symposium and Exhibit on High Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques

Town and Country, San Diego, CA, USA

Shaping the Future of Separation Science
The HPLC conference will celebrate its 50th edition in beautiful San Diego, an exciting biotech hub along the dramatic Pacific coastline. Join us for a dynamic program where experts will address the latest scientific and technological advances, critical and emerging applications and technologies, and challenges and solutions covering all aspects of liquid-phase analytical separations from basic research to practice. Technologies include all types of HPLC, 2DLC, electrophoresis, micro- and nanofluidics, bead-based extractions, and coupling separations to mass spectrometry. Topics broadly include medicine, biology, environment, manufacturing, agriculture, and the science underlying separation processes. Special emphasis will be on the life sciences. Mark your calendar to attend HPLC 2020 San Diego, the largest, most recognized international conference in the world dedicated to all aspects of liquid-phase separation science and analysis.

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