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Construction and Building Materials

A section of Materials (ISSN 1996-1944).

Section Information

The Section “Construction and Building Materials” covers the areas of construction and building materials science and engineering, including construction chemistry, building physics, modelling and testing, as well as related crossover fields in relation to their mechanical, physical, chemical, durability and sustainability properties. Some topics of interest are:

  • Scientific developments in construction and building materials;
  • Fundamental, theoretical, modelling and experimental studies of materials;
  • Energy, environmental, biomaterials, recycling, lifecycle, raw materials;
  • Testing of materials using advanced methods and techniques;
  • Nanotechnology and applications;
  • Hybrid materials and novel materials for circularity;
  • Sustainability approaches for materials;
  • High- and ultra-high-performance materials;
  • Alkali-activated and supplementary materials;
  • Monitoring materials behaviour;
  • Smart and self-healing materials;
  • Digital-fabricated and 3D-printed materials
  • Asphalt, pavements and polymer materials;
  • Energy storage and phase change materials;
  • Surface materials and restoration materials;
  • Non-destructive techniques and monitoring;
  • Novel materials for air cleaning and health in buildings.

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