Special Issues - Antioxidants

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Analytical Determination of Polyphenols
(Editors: Antonio Segura-Carretero, David Arráez-Román)
31 May 2015 21
Antioxidant Activity and Disease-Modifying Potential of Medicinal Herbs
(Editors: Chi-Rei Wu, Li-Wei Lin, Hung-Chi Chang)
31 Mar 2019
Antioxidant Activity of Polyphenolic Plant Extracts
(Editor: Dimitrios Stagos)
30 Apr 2019 3
Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Properties of Plants Extract
(Editor: Mario Allegra)
30 Jun 2019
Antioxidant and Cytoprotective Activity
(Editor: Kateřina Valentová)
31 Jul 2019
Antioxidant and Neuroprotection
(Editors: David Vauzour, Rita Businaro)
31 Jul 2017 6
Antioxidant Defense and Oxidant Load in Pediatric Health and Disease
(Editors: Ibrahim Mohamed, Jean-Claude Lavoie)
31 Dec 2018 1
Antioxidants and Oxidative Stress in Active, Diseased, and Sedentary Individuals
(Editors: Lisa McAnulty, Steven McAnulty)
30 Apr 2019
Antioxidants and Periodontal Diseases
(Editor: Maurizio Battino)
31 Dec 2015 5
Antioxidants and Retinal Disease
(Editors: Francisco J. Romero, Maria Miranda)
31 Dec 2018 1
Antioxidants and Second Messengers of Free Radicals
(Editor: Neven Zarkovic)
30 Jun 2018 10
Antioxidants in Oils
(Editor: Michael H. Gordon)
30 Dec 2013 15
Antioxidants in Olive Oils
(Editors: Isabel Seiquer, Jesús R. Huertas)
30 Jun 2019
Antioxidants in Oxidative Stress Diseases
(Editors: Rosita Gabbianelli, Elisabetta Damiani)
31 May 2019
Antioxidants in Poultry Nutrition and Reproduction
(Editor: Peter F. Surai)
30 Jun 2019
Antioxidants: Infant Nutrition
(Editors: James Friel, Wafaa Qasem)
31 Jan 2018 5
Astrocyte Antioxidant Systems
(Editor: Gethin J. McBean)
31 May 2017 5
Berry Antioxidants in Health and Disease Printed Edition available
(Editor: Dorothy Klimis-Zacas)
30 Jun 2016 10
Bioactive Compounds from Food Waste: Bioprocessing and Technological Advancement
(Editors: Alaa El-Din Ahmed Bekhit, John Birch)
31 Mar 2018 6
Bioactive Phenolic Compounds
(Editors: Antonio Segura-Carretero, Elena Alañon)
15 Jun 2017 8
(Editor: Volker Böhm)
28 Feb 2019 1
Carotenoids—Antioxidant Properties
(Editors: Andrew J. Young, Gordon M. Lowe)
30 Sep 2017 8
CoQ10 in Longevity
(Editor: Guillermo López Lluch)
30 Jan 2019 2
Dietary Antioxidants
(Editor: Adrianne Bendich)
30 Sep 2013 5
Dietary Antioxidants and Health Promotion
(Editor: Dejian Huang)
30 Apr 2017 7
Dietary Antioxidants and Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases Printed Edition available
(Editor: Giuseppe Grosso)
30 Apr 2018 13
Dietary Antioxidants in Cancer Chemoprevention
(Editor: H.P. Vasantha Rupasinghe)
30 Nov 2018
Dietary Antioxidants: Micronutrients and Antinutrients in Physiology and Pathology
(Editor: Ilaria Peluso)
15 Jul 2019
Dietary Polyphenols in Contemporary Disease
(Editor: Catherine Tsang)
30 Nov 2018
Exercise and Inflammation
(Editors: Katsuhiko Suzuki, Llion Roberts)
31 Aug 2018 11
Exercise Induced Muscle Damage and Oxidative Stress
(Editor: Athanasios Jamurtas)
30 Jun 2017 9
Extraction of Antioxidants from Food Waste
(Editor: Giorgia Spigno)
31 May 2019
Extraction of Antioxidants: Innovative and Intensification Methods, Activity Enhancement and Degradations
(Editors: Farid Chemat, Maryline Abert-Vian)
31 Mar 2017 5
Feature Papers 2016
(Editor: Stanley Omaye)
31 Dec 2016 6
Feature Papers in Antioxidants in 2018
(Editor: Stanley Omaye)
30 Apr 2018 8
Flavonoids: Immune-Regulation and Health
(Editors: Andrea I. Doseff, Jennifer Ahn-Jarvis)
30 Oct 2018
Free Radical Research in Cancer
(Editor: Ana Čipak Gašparović)
31 Jul 2019
H2S in Redox Signaling
(Editor: Omer Kabil)
31 Dec 2018 1
Heme Oxygenase-A Balancing Act Between Cytoprotective and Pathophysiological Cascades
(Editors: Ulrich Göbel, J. Catharina Duvigneau)
31 Jul 2019
Inspired by Nature: Antioxidants and Nanotechnology
(Editors: Claus Jacob, Cornelia M. Keck)
28 Feb 2018 7
Lipid Oxidation in Meat and Poultry
(Editor: Dong Uk Ahn)
30 Apr 2016 8
Lipid Peroxidation: Analysis and Applications in Biological Systems
(Editors: Jetty Chung-Yung Lee, Thierry Durand)
30 Sep 2018 3
Lipids and Lipid Peroxidation Products in the Pathogenesis of Age-Related Diseases
(Editors: Gérard Lizard, Anne Vejux, Amira Zarrouk)
31 Jan 2019
Marine Algal Antioxidants
(Editors: Christophe Brunet, Clementina Sansone)
31 May 2019
Methionine Sulfoxide Reductases and Oxidative Damage
(Editors: Herbert Weissbach, Nathan Brot, Shailaja Kesaraju Allani)
31 Aug 2018 6
Mitochondria-Targeted Antioxidants
(Editors: Dmitry B. Zorov, Egor Yu. Plotnikov)
15 Apr 2019
Mitochondrial Shape Change in Physio-Pathology
(Editor: Yisang Yoon)
30 Nov 2017 8
Modulation of Reactive Oxygen Species in Health and Disease
(Editor: Solomon Habtemariam)
28 Feb 2019
NADPH Oxidase–Mediated ROS in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
(Editor: Scott A. Barman)
31 Jan 2019
NADPH Oxidases in Metabolic Homeostasis
(Editor: Ildiko Szanto)
30 Nov 2018
Natural Phenolic Compounds for Health, Food and Cosmetic Applications
(Editor: Lucia Panzella)
15 Mar 2019
Natural Products as Antioxidants
(Editors: Maria G. Miguel, João Rocha)
31 Oct 2014 10
Natural Products in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
(Editor: Mihalis I. Panagiotidis)
28 Feb 2019 2
Nitric Oxide (NO) and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) in Higher Plants under Physiological and Stress Conditions
(Editor: Francisco J. Corpas)
15 May 2019
Novel Aspects of Redox and Antioxidant Signaling
(Editors: Yuichiro J. Suzuki, Nataliia V. Shults, Lucia Marcocci)
31 Jan 2019 2
Nrf2 in Dermatological Pathologies
(Editors: Anke Schmidt, Sander Bekeschus)
30 Sep 2018 3
Oxidative and Nitrosative Stress in Astrocytes
(Editor: Mark Dallas)
31 Mar 2019
Oxidative Damage: The Role of Endogenous and Exogenous Antioxidant Systems
(Editor: Gianna Ferretti)
15 May 2019
Oxidative Stress and Aging: Past, Present and Future Concepts
(Editor: Adam Salmon)
31 May 2016 5
Oxidative Stress and Cancer: The Nrf2 Enigma
(Editor: Debasis Mondal)
30 Nov 2017 6
Oxidative Stress and Cardiovascular Disease
(Editors: Roberto Carnevale, Cristina Nocella)
30 Sep 2018 4
Oxidative Stress and Neurodegenerative Diseases
(Editor: Wenlan Liu)
30 Sep 2014 6
Oxidative Stress and Obesity- and Type-2 Diabetes-Induced Heart Failure
(Editor: Luc Demaison)
30 Jun 2019
Oxidative Stress Biomarkers in Cardiovascular Risk and Disease
(Editors: Francesca Mastorci, Alessandro Pingitore, Cristina Vassalle)
30 Apr 2019
Oxidative Stress in Food Additives and Other Exposomes
(Editors: Yukiko Minamiyama, Hirohisa Takano)
15 Jun 2019
Oxidative Stress in Plant
(Editors: Juan B. Barroso, Mounira Chaki, Juan C. Begara-Morales)
28 Feb 2019
Oxidative Stress Modulators and Functional Foods
(Editor: Junsei Taira)
30 Jun 2019
Oxidized LDL Lipids
(Editor: Markku Ahotupa)
15 Dec 2018 1
Paraoxonases in Oxidation and Inflammation
(Editor: Jordi Camps)
31 May 2019
Peroxiredoxin 6 as a Unique Member of the Peroxiredoxin Family
(Editor: Aron B. Fisher)
31 Oct 2018
Phenolic Profiling and Antioxidant Capacity in Plants
(Editors: Luigi Lucini, Andrei Mocan, Gabriele Rocchetti)
30 Jul 2019
Phytochemical Antioxidants and Health
(Editor: Baojun Xu)
31 Mar 2019 2
Plant Antioxidant for Application in Food and Nutraceutical Industries
(Editors: Monica Rosa Loizzo, Rosa Tundis)
30 Nov 2018 1
Plant Antioxidants
(Editors: Ehab A. Abourashed, Luca Sebastiani)
31 Jul 2013 12
Polyphenolic Compounds as Neuroprotective Agents
(Editor: Daniel Linseman)
15 Apr 2019
Post-Translational Protein Modifications in Oxidative Stress
(Editor: Klaus Klarskov)
31 Mar 2019
Redox Balance in Animal Physiology
(Editor: Pietro Celi)
31 Dec 2018
Redox Signaling and Oxidative Stress in Cerebrovascular Disease
(Editors: Saverio Francesco Retta, Masuko Ushio-Fukai, Chris Sobey, Kathy Griendling, Lorenza Trabalzini)
28 Feb 2019
Redox Signalling and Exercise
(Editor: Zsolt Radak)
15 Sep 2019
Redox Stress and Redox Homeostatic Response to Trauma and Injury
(Editor: Nikolai V. Gorbunov)
30 Nov 2014 5
Redox Stress in Respiratory Muscles: Towards Antioxidant Therapy for Respiratory Disease
(Editor: Ken O'Halloran)
30 Nov 2018
Role of Flavonoids on Cell Signalling Pathways
(Editor: Christine Bosch)
31 Jan 2019
ROS Derived from NADPH Oxidase (NOX) in Angiogenesis
(Editor: Masuko Ushio-Fukai)
31 Mar 2017 10
Selenium and Animal Health
(Editor: Evangelos Zoidis)
31 Mar 2019
Selenium and Selenoproteins for Optimal Health
(Editors: Xin Gen Lei, Wen-Hsing Cheng)
31 Dec 2017 6
Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) Enzymes, Mimetics and Oxygen Radicals
(Editors: Gloria E. O. Borgstahl, Rebecca Oberley-Deegan)
30 Sep 2017 16
Synthetic Antioxidants: Health Benefits, Hazards and Alternatives
(Editors: Mohammad Hossain, Dilip Rai)
30 Nov 2018 1
The Chemistry of Antioxidant Activity
(Editors: Luca Valgimigli, Riccardo Amorati)
30 Sep 2019
The Role of Peroxiredoxins in Cancer
(Editor: Carola Neumann)
31 Oct 2018 2
Think Yellow: Reactive Sulfur Species in Redox Biology, Medicine and Agriculture
(Editors: Claus Jacob, Gregory Ian Giles)
30 Sep 2016 6
Thiol Redox Systems in Health and Disease
(Editor: Gethin J. McBean)
31 Jul 2018
Thioredoxin and Glutaredoxin Systems
(Editors: Jean-Pierre Jacquot, Mirko Zaffagnini)
30 Sep 2018 7
Vitamin C: Current Concepts in Human Physiology Printed Edition available
(Editors: Ramesh Natarajan, Anitra C. Carr)
31 Jan 2018 12
Vitamin E Printed Edition available
(Editor: Volker Böhm)
31 Oct 2017 11
When the Anticancer Strategies Modulating Oxidative Stress Meet Nanomedicine: New Perspectives
(Editors: Stefania Pizzimenti, Monica Argenziano)
30 Sep 2019
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