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The Energy Systems section of Processes is the ideal forum for the publication of significant high-excellence and high-impact research, as well as reviews. Energy is the prerequisite of industrial activities, is necessary for human communities and is a basic requirement for food production. As the population grows, the demand for energy increase. At the same time, climate change accelerates and the supply of raw materials depletes. To meet the above challenges, today, around the world, there is a radical transition towards sustainable energy. A new energy system will be a complex combination of central and local resources, including production, storages and new, efficient and flexible loads. This calls for new thinking of primary energy sources, energy production, energy markets, energy transmission, energy use and customers as producer-consumers (prosumers). The Energy Systems section of Processes addresses these challenges. All manuscripts submitted for publication under this section will undergo the usual high-quality peer review process of the Processes journal and, if accepted, will be published rapidly online. Download Section Flyer

Energy system planning

  • Power and energy system optimization;
  • Power and energy system expansion planning;
  • Community energy systems;
  • Multi-energy systems.

Energy system transition

  • Renewable generation integration;
  • Sector coupling of power and heat;
  • Power to X applications;
  • Heat and power storages;
  • Smart Grids;
  • Fuel cell.

Changes in energy demand

  • Load modeling and forecasting;
  • Distributed generation modeling and forecasting;
  • Demand response and demand flexibility;
  • Heating system electrification;
  • Traffic electrification;
  • Industrial processes electrification.

Energy and electricity markets

  • Coupling of power, heat and gas;
  • Integration of renewable generation in markets;
  • Flexible customers and prosumers;
  • Effects of energy use decarbonizing.

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