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Advances in Supercritical Fluid Extraction
(Editor: Yizhak Marcus)
Chemical Systems 31 Jul 2019 3
Application of Advanced Oxidation Processes
(Editors: Ciro Bustillo-Lecompte, Jose Colina-Márquez, Lars Rehmann)
Chemical Systems 31 Aug 2019 1
Catalysis in Membrane Reactors
(Editors: Fausto Gallucci, Jose A. Medrano Jimenez, Arash Helmi)
Chemical Systems 31 Dec 2019 1
CFD Modeling of Complex Chemical Processes: Multiscale and Multiphysics Challenges
(Editors: Li Xi, De-Wei Yin, Jae Sung Park)
Chemical Systems 15 Dec 2019
Chemistry of Peptide-Based Materials and Therapeutics
(Editors: Arnab Rudra, Tejas Pathak)
Chemical Systems 31 Oct 2019
Computational Methods for Polymers
(Editor: Masoud Soroush)
Chemical Systems 1 Jul 2019 2
Data, Intelligence, and Software in the Oil and Gas Industry: Assessment and Prospects
(Editor: Michael Nikolaou)
Chemical Systems 31 Aug 2019 1
Design and Engineering of Microreactor and Smart-Scaled Flow Processes Printed Edition available
(Editor: Volker Hessel)
Chemical Systems 30 Nov 2013 14
Development of Automated Technologies in Process Chemistry
(Editors: Simon S. Park, Diane D. Park)
Chemical Systems 30 Jun 2019
Electrolysis Processes
(Editor: Tanja Vidakovic-Koch)
Chemical Systems 30 Jun 2019
Environmental Protection by Aerobic Granular Sludge Process–Process Control, Optimization, and Scaling Up
(Editor: Joo Hwa Tay)
Chemical Systems 31 Oct 2019
Flow, Heat and Mass Transport in Microdevices
(Editors: João Mário Miranda, Rui A. Lima, José Daniel Araújo)
Chemical Systems 31 Dec 2019
Gas Capture Processes
(Editors: Tohid N. Borhani, Zhien Zhang, Muftah H. El-Naas, Salman Masoudi Soltani, Yunfei Yan)
Chemical Systems 31 May 2019 10
Green Separation and Extraction Processes
(Editors: Kostas A. Matis, George Z. Kyzas)
Chemical Systems 30 Jun 2019 12
Green Sustainable Chemical Processes
(Editors: Francisco José Hernández Fernández, Antonia Pérez de los Ríos)
Chemical Systems 30 Jun 2019 1
Hydrogen Production Technologies
(Editors: Suttichai Assabumrungrat, Suwimol Wongsakulphasatch, Pattaraporn Lohsoontorn Kim, Alírio Egídio Rodrigues)
Chemical Systems 30 Apr 2019 3
Microwave Heating and Chemistry
(Editors: Shuntaro Tsubaki, Tomohiko Mitani, Jun Fukushima)
Chemical Systems 15 Aug 2019
Modeling, Simulation and Control of Chemical Processes
(Editors: Jose Carlos Pinto, Thiago Feital, Carlos Castor)
Chemical Systems 31 Mar 2019 6
Modelling and Process Control of Fuel Cell Systems
(Editors: Mohd Azlan Hussain, Wan Ramli Wan Daud)
Chemical Systems 31 May 2019 2
Multiphase Reaction Engineering, Reactors and Processes
(Editors: Muthanna H. Al-Dahhan, Tobias Bauer)
Chemical Systems 31 Mar 2019 5
Optimization of Heat and Mass Exchange
(Editors: Brian Agnew, Ivan C. K. Tam, Xiaojun Shi)
Chemical Systems 15 Sep 2019
Process Design, Integration, and Intensification
(Editors: Mahmoud El-Halwagi, Dominic C. Y. Foo)
Chemical Systems 31 Dec 2018 8
Process Intensification – improve efficiency by clever process/reactor designs
(Editor: Fausto Gallucci)
Chemical Systems 31 Jul 2016 6
Process Optimization and Control
(Editors: Xi Chen, Wenli Du, Antonios Armaou, Xiang Li)
Chemical Systems 10 Dec 2019
Sustainable Catalytic Processes Driven by Functional Nanomaterials
(Editors: Xiaoguang Duan, Wee-Jun Ong, Sergio Navalon)
Chemical Systems 30 Nov 2019
Sustainable Products and Processes
(Editor: Bhavik Bakshi)
Chemical Systems 30 Apr 2015 6
Advances in Bioseparation Engineering
(Editors: Kostas A. Matis, George Z. Kyzas)
Biological Systems 31 May 2014 5
Application of Data Modeling and Analysis Techniques to Cancer Therapy
(Editors: Zuyi (Jacky) Huang, Ipsita Banerjee)
Biological Systems 31 Aug 2019 1
Application of Systems Engineering Principles to Bioprocessing
(Editors: Cleo Kontoravdi, Alexandros Kiparissides)
Biological Systems 31 Aug 2019
Big Data in Biology, Life Sciences and Healthcare
(Editors: Peter He, Jin Wang)
Biological Systems 31 May 2019 3
Bioenergy Systems, Material Management, and Sustainability
(Editors: Fernando V. Lima, Gerardo J. Ruiz-Mercado)
Biological Systems 15 Aug 2019
Biofilm Processes
(Editors: Enrico Marsili, Michael Kitching)
Biological Systems 31 Dec 2018 1
Bioinformatics Applications Based On Machine Learning
(Editors: Pablo Chamoso, Sara Rodríguez González, Mohd Saberi Mohamad, Alfonso González-Briones)
Biological Systems 31 Oct 2019
Biological Networks Printed Edition available
(Editors: Rudiyanto Gunawan, Neda Bagheri)
Biological Systems 31 Jan 2018 11
Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
(Editors: Xudong Cao, Eve C. Tsai)
Biological Systems 30 Apr 2019 1
Biomedical Systems Control
(Editor: B. Wayne Bequette)
Biological Systems 15 Jul 2016 5
Bioprocess Monitoring and Control
(Editor: Bernd Hitzmann)
Biological Systems 31 Aug 2019
Cancer Systems Biology and Natural Products
(Editor: Bonglee Kim)
Biological Systems 15 Dec 2019
Cell Membrane Processes
(Editor: Keith J. Stine)
Biological Systems 31 May 2019
Computational Synthetic Biology
(Editors: Julio R. Banga, Filippo Menolascina)
Biological Systems 14 Dec 2018 6
Design of Bioreactor Systems for Tissue Engineering
(Editor: Julian Chaudhuri)
Biological Systems 15 Feb 2014 15
Emulsification Processes
(Editor: Andreas Håkansson)
Biological Systems 30 Sep 2016 8
In Silico Metabolic Modeling and Engineering
(Editors: Dong-Yup Lee, Meiyappan Lakshmanan)
Biological Systems 28 Feb 2019 1
Intensified Reactors and Smart Integrated Processing for Valuable Products from Food Processing Wastes
(Editors: Volker Hessel, Milton Hearn, Bo Jin)
Biological Systems 31 Mar 2019
Methods in Computational Biology
(Editors: Ross Carlson, Herbert Sauro)
Biological Systems 31 Dec 2018 10
Microbial Communities in Health and Disease
(Editors: Arul Jayaraman, Kyongbum Lee)
Biological Systems 30 Jun 2019 1
Microbial Community Modeling: Prediction of Microbial Interactions and Community Dynamics Printed Edition available
(Editor: Hyun-Seob Song)
Biological Systems 31 Dec 2017 14
Modeling & Control of Disease States
(Editors: Neda Bagheri, Jason E. Shoemaker)
Biological Systems 30 Jun 2018 7
Modeling and Analysis of Signal Transduction Networks Printed Edition available
(Editor: Juergen Hahn)
Biological Systems 31 Jul 2014 10
Physics and Mechanics of Biofilms: Modelling and Experimental Characterizations
(Editors: Tianyu Zhang, Jinju Chen)
Biological Systems 31 Dec 2018 2
Principles of Modular Design and Control in Complex Systems
(Editor: Cong T. Trinh)
Biological Systems 31 Aug 2019
Processes Accelerating Biologics Manufacturing by Modelling
(Editors: Jochen Strube, Steffen Zobel-Roos)
Biological Systems 30 Jun 2019 2
Protein Biosynthesis and Drug Design & Delivery Processes
(Editor: Mahesh Narayan)
Biological Systems 31 Jul 2019
Sustainable Biorefinery Processes
(Editors: Julia Valla, Matthew Stuber)
Biological Systems 31 Mar 2019 2
Systems Biomedicine
(Editors: Ashlee N. Ford Versypt, Belinda S. Akpa)
Biological Systems 31 Jan 2019 5
Transient Gene Expression for Rapid Protein and Virus-Vector Supply
(Editors: Florian M. Wurm, Martin Jordan)
Biological Systems 30 Apr 2019 1
Wastewater Treatment Processes
(Editors: Kostas A. Matis, George Z. Kyzas)
Biological Systems 31 Mar 2019 22
Materials Processing for Production of Nanostructured Thin Films
(Editor: Keith J. Stine)
Materials Processes 15 Sep 2019
Membrane Materials, Performance and Processes
(Editors: Joe Da Costa, Julius Motuzas)
Materials Processes 31 Dec 2018 9
Membrane Separation Processes
(Editors: Angelo Basile, Catherine Charcosset)
Materials Processes 30 Jun 2016 5
Metal Nanoparticles as Catalysts for Green Applications
(Editors: Michela Signoretto, Federica Menegazzo)
Materials Processes 30 Sep 2019 2
Modeling and Control of Crystallization
(Editors: Christopher L. Burcham, Meenesh R. Singh)
Materials Processes 30 Mar 2019
Novel Membrane Technologies for Traditional Industrial Processes
(Editors: Pei Li, Yan Wang, Lan-Ying Jiang, Neal Tai-Shung Chung)
Materials Processes 31 Dec 2018 10
Polymer Modeling, Control and Monitoring Printed Edition available
(Editor: Masoud Soroush)
Materials Processes 15 Feb 2016 11
Recent Advances in Population Balance Modeling
(Editors: Krist V. Gernaey, Ingmar Nopens, Seyed Soheil Mansouri, Heiko Briesen)
Materials Processes 31 Dec 2018 11
Renewable Polymers: Processing and Chemical Modifications
(Editors: Marc A. Dubé, Tizazu Mekonnen)
Materials Processes 31 Mar 2019 5
Synthesis and Application of Novel Nanocatalysts
(Editors: Kang Hyun Park, Sungkyun Park, Ji Chan Park)
Materials Processes 30 Nov 2019
Synthesis and Characterization of Biomedical Materials
(Editors: Leszek Adam Dobrzański, Anca Dinischiotu, Anna D. Dobrzańska-Danikiewicz, Thierry Djenizian, Piotr Malara)
Materials Processes 30 Sep 2019
Theory and Modelling of Nanomechanical Systems Application in the Biomedical Field
(Editors: Jose Jaime Ruz Martinez, Oscar Malvar Vidal)
Materials Processes 15 Aug 2019
Transport of Fluids in Nanoporous Materials Printed Edition available
(Editors: Suresh K. Bhatia, David Nicholson, Xuechao Gao, Guozhao Ji)
Materials Processes 31 Oct 2018 15
Water Soluble Polymers Printed Edition available
(Editor: Alexander Penlidis)
Materials Processes 30 Sep 2017 17
Advances in Condition Monitoring, Optimization and Control for Complex Industrial Processes
(Editors: Zhiwei Gao, Michael Z. Chen, Dapeng Zhang)
Computational Methods 31 Dec 2019
Advances in Theoretical and Computational Energy Optimization Processes
(Editors: Ferdinando Salata, Iacopo Golasi)
Computational Methods 31 Jul 2019 9
Algorithms and Applications in Dynamic Optimization
(Editor: Carl D. Laird)
Computational Methods 29 Feb 2016 6
Combined Scheduling and Control Printed Edition available
(Editors: John D. Hedengren, Logan Beal)
Computational Methods 31 Dec 2017 8
Control and Optimization of Multi-Agent Systems and Complex Networks for Systems Engineering
(Editors: Manuel Herrera, Marco Pérez-Hernández, Ajith Kumar Parlikad, Joaquín Izquierdo)
Computational Methods 15 Nov 2019
Model-Based Tools for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes
(Editors: Krist V. Gernaey, Rene Schenkendorf, Dimitrios I. Gerogiorgis, Seyed Soheil Mansouri)
Computational Methods 31 May 2019 1
Modeling and Simulation of Energy Systems
(Editor: Thomas A. Adams II)
Computational Methods 31 Oct 2018 21
Multivariable Control and Object-Oriented Modeling
(Editors: Juan Garrido Jurado, Mario Luis Ruz Ruiz)
Computational Methods 30 Sep 2019
Neural Computation and Applications for Sustainable Energy Systems
(Editors: Giacomo Capizzi, Grazia Lo Sciuto)
Computational Methods 31 Oct 2019
Optimization for Control, Observation and Safety
(Editors: Guillermo Valencia-Palomo, Francisco Ronay López-Estrada, Damiano Rotondo)
Computational Methods 30 Sep 2019 7
Process Control: Current Trends and Future Challenges
(Editor: Gabriele Pannocchia)
Computational Methods 31 Dec 2014 7
Process Modelling and Simulation
(Editors: Cesar De Prada, Costas Pantelides, Jose Luis Pitarch)
Computational Methods 28 Feb 2019 9
Process Systems Engineering à la Canada
(Editors: William R. Cluett, Michel Perrier, Ana Inés Torres, Simant Upreti)
Computational Methods 30 Apr 2019 1
Real-Time Optimization Printed Edition available
(Editor: Dominique Bonvin)
Computational Methods 31 Oct 2016 14
Synergies in Combined Development of Processes and Models
(Editors: Jose Diaz, Francisco Javier Fernández García, Ignacio Alvarez)
Computational Methods 15 Dec 2019
Green Technologies: Bridging Conventional Practices and Industry 4.0
(Editors: Dominic C. Y. Foo, Show Pau Loke, Suchithra Thangalazhy Gopakumar)
Green Processes 15 Dec 2019
Advanced Methods in Process and Systems Engineering
(Editors: Achim Kienle, Rolf Findeisen, Seyed Soheil Mansouri, Izzat Iqbal Cheema)
Other Topics 15 Sep 2019
Advances in Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Fluid Flow and Solute Transport in Porous Media
(Editors: Morteza Dejam, Lamia Goual)
Other Topics 31 Dec 2019 2
Advances in Sustainable Supply Chains
(Editors: Taesu Cheong, Sang Hwa Song)
Other Topics 15 Nov 2019
Big Data Analysis in the Process Industry
(Editors: José Camacho Páez, Alberto J. Ferrer-Riquelme, José María González Martínez)
Other Topics 31 Oct 2019
Commemorative Issue to Celebrate the Life and Work of Prof. Roger W.H. Sargent
(Editors: Rafiqul Gani, Ian Cameron)
Other Topics 31 May 2019
Conceptual Design and Energy Analysis in Cycle Gasification Systems and Waste-to-Energy Technologies
(Editor: Eliseu Monteiro)
Other Topics 15 Dec 2019
Design and Control of Sustainable Systems
(Editors: Sujit S Jogwar, Xiaonan Wang)
Other Topics 30 Apr 2019 4
Dynamic Modeling and Control in Chemical and Energy Processes
(Editors: Dimitris Ipsakis, Theodoros Damartzis, Christos Chatzidoukas)
Other Topics 31 Dec 2019
Energy, Economic and Environment for Industrial Production Processes
(Editors: Wei Cai, Guangdong Tian, MengChu Zhou, Fu Zhao, Jorge Cunha)
Other Topics 31 Oct 2019 8
Environmental Catalysis Processes Based on Biomass
(Editors: Juan Antonio Cecilia, Francisco Murilo Tavares de Luna)
Other Topics 31 Oct 2019
Extraction, Characterization and Pharmacology of Natural Products
(Editors: Luigi Menghini, Claudio Ferrante)
Other Topics 31 Aug 2019
Feature Papers Printed Edition available
(Editor: Michael A. Henson)
Other Topics 31 May 2013 17
Feature Papers for Celebrating the Fifth Anniversary of the Founding of Processes Printed Edition available
(Editor: Michael A. Henson)
Other Topics 31 May 2018 20
Fluid Flow in Fractured Porous Media
(Editors: Richeng Liu, Yujing Jiang)
Other Topics 31 Dec 2018 59
Industry 4.0 and Sustainable Supply Chain Management
(Editors: Eleonora Bottani, Barbara Bigliardi, Giorgia Casella, Letizia Tebaldi)
Other Topics 31 Aug 2019
Microwave Applications in Chemical Engineering
(Editors: Kama Huang, Junwu Tao, Huacheng Zhu)
Other Topics 31 Jan 2019 8
Molecular Dynamics Modeling and Simulation
(Editors: Outi Salo-Ahen, Parthiban Marimuthu)
Other Topics 31 Oct 2019
Multi-Objective Optimization of Processes
(Editors: Gade Pandu Rangaiah, Andrew Hoadley)
Other Topics 15 Sep 2019
Performance Measurement and Optimization for Sustainable Production Processes Improvement
(Editor: Changhee Kim)
Other Topics 30 Sep 2019 10
Plasma-Based Processes for Improved Energy Efficiency
(Editors: Jose A. Medrano Jimenez, Fausto Gallucci)
Other Topics 1 Feb 2019 4
Process Industry 4.0: Application Research to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
(Editors: Ilaria Zambon, Gianluca Egidi, Fabiano Rinaldi, Sirio Cividino)
Other Topics 31 Mar 2019 19
Smart Flow Control Processes in Micro Scale
(Editors: Bengt Sunden, Jin-yuan Qian, Junhui Zhang, Zan Wu)
Other Topics 31 Oct 2019
Solar Detoxification of Wastewater and Its Subsequent Applications
(Editors: Anoop Verma, Ioannis Poulios)
Other Topics 30 Apr 2019 1
Thermodynamics: Modeling and Simulation
(Editors: Andrew S. Paluch, Juan Carlos Araque)
Other Topics 30 Nov 2019 1
Thin Film Processes
(Editor: Hyun Wook Jung)
Other Topics 31 Mar 2019 3
Water Quality Modelling
(Editor: Mustafa M. Aral)
Other Topics 15 Aug 2019 2
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