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(Un)Professionalization of Academic Intervention in a Digital Society—Theories and Practices
(Editors: Maria José Sá, Carlos Miguel Ferreira, Sandro Serpa)
31 Oct 2019
Advances in Gifted and Talented and Creativity Research
(Editor: Steven I Pfeiffer)
30 Jun 2016 5
Advances of Augmented and Mixed Reality in Education
(Editors: Maria Meletiou-Mavrotheris, Konstantinos Katzis, Christos Dimopoulos, Lasica Ilona-Elefteryja)
31 Aug 2019
Artificial Intelligence and Education
(Editor: Georgios N. Kouziokas)
15 May 2019 1
Authentic Learning
(Editor: Jurgen Schulte)
15 Nov 2018 3
Autism Spectrum Disorders
(Editor: Skott Jones)
31 May 2019
Biology Education
(Editor: Ute Harms)
30 Jun 2018 20
Challenges and Future Trends of Distance Learning
(Editor: Avgoustos Tsinakos)
1 Dec 2017 6
Civics and Citizenship in Its Global Context
(Editor: Ruth Reynolds)
29 Feb 2012 8
Collaborative Learning with Technology—Frontiers and Evidence
(Editors: Gilly Salmon, Christine Armatas, Kevin Chan)
30 Sep 2017 5
Computer Science and Engineering Education for Pre-collegiate Students and Teachers
(Editor: Andrea Burrows)
31 Jan 2019 6
Computer-based Learning in Higher Education
(Editor: Denise Whitelock)
31 May 2019 2
Concept Mapping and Education
(Editor: AMM Sharif Ullah)
31 May 2019
Connecting Outcomes-Based Assessment with Performance Indicators in Order to Improve Student Learning and Development in Post-Secondary Education Institutions
(Editor: Marilee Bresciani Ludvik)
31 May 2019
Critical Issues in Educational Technology
(Editor: Jing Lei)
15 Dec 2014 5
Critical Issues in Mathematics Education
(Editor: Patricia S. Moyer-Packenham)
15 Jan 2017 11
Critical Multicultural Education: Working at the Intersections of Resistance, Restorative Justice, and Revolutionary Change
(Editors: Christine Clark, Norma Marrun)
15 Jan 2019
Culturally Responsive Leadership in Education: Engaging Social Justice and Equity for Improvement
(Editor: Lorri J. Santamaría)
1 Nov 2015 5
Current Issues and Trends in Higher Education
(Editor: Carianne Bernadowski)
30 Apr 2019 4
Democracy and Education at 100
(Editors: SunInn Yun, Paul Standish)
30 Sep 2016 9
Democracy, Justice, and Human Rights Education
(Editor: Dale T. Snauwaert)
15 Feb 2019 2
Design Thinking in Education
(Editor: John Nash)
15 Mar 2019
Didactics of Physical Education and Sport
(Editors: Pedro Valdivia-Moral, Jose Luis Ubago)
30 Sep 2019 2
Dispelling Myths about Mathematics
(Editor: Jo Boaler)
28 Feb 2018 11
Diversity and Physics Education Research
(Editor: Laura McCullough)
15 Feb 2019
e-Vocabularies and e-Learning
(Editors: Ana-María Fernández-Pampillón, Antonio Pareja-Lora)
15 Jan 2016 6
Early Childhood Education
(Editors: Douglas H. Clements, Julie Sarama, Holland Banse, Crystal A. Day Hess, Carrie Germeroth, Candace Joswick)
30 Apr 2018 5
Ecocentric Education
(Editor: Helen Kopnina)
31 May 2019 4
Economic Education
(Editor: James D. Laney, Ed.D.)
30 Apr 2019 7
Education and Religion in a Secular Age
(Editor: K. H. (Ina) ter Avest)
30 Jun 2018 13
Education for Social Transformation: Initiatives and Challenges in the Contexts of Globalization and the Sustainable Development Goals
(Editor: Richard Maclure)
31 May 2019 7
Education for the Professions in Times of Change
(Editor: Linda Clarke)
15 May 2019
Educational Justice
(Editor: Judith Könemann)
30 Jun 2016 5
Educational Technologies, Teacher Training and Competencial Development Based on Innovative Emerging Pedagogies
(Editor: Juan Manuel Trujillo Torres)
15 Jun 2019 5
eLearning: Exploring Digital Futures in the 21st Century
(Editor: Glenn Finger)
28 Feb 2014 8
Emerging Technologies in Education
(Editors: Ana María Ortiz-Colón, Miriam Agreda Montoro)
15 Jul 2019
Emotions and Education: Analysis of the Benefits and Risks of Human Development
(Editors: María del Carmen Pérez-Fuentes, María Del Mar Molero Jurado, José Jesús Gázquez Linares)
1 Oct 2020
Engineering Education and Technological / Professional Learning
(Editors: Clara Viegas, Arcelina Marques, Gustavo Alves, Francisco José García-Peñalvo)
30 Apr 2019 3
Epistemology and Education
(Editor: Andrew Stables)
31 Dec 2016 6
Evidence Informed Practice in Education
(Editors: Tim Cain, Bronwen Maxwell)
31 Mar 2019 3
Family and Parent Education: Promises, Challenges and Future Directions
(Editor: Maria Filomena Gaspar)
30 Sep 2019 3
Gender and Leadership
(Editor: Pat O'Connor)
28 Feb 2018 7
Geography Education Promoting Sustainability
(Editor: Eila Jeronen)
30 Sep 2019 3
Gifted Education
(Editor: Susen Smith)
30 Nov 2019
Global Perspectives on Higher Education
(Editor: John Blewitt)
31 Jan 2015 5
Health Professional Education: Responding to Population Health Needs
(Editor: Nicky Hudson)
31 Mar 2017 5
History Curriculum, Geschichtsdidaktik, and the Problem of the Nation
(Editors: Robert J. Parkes, Monika Vinterek)
30 Nov 2012 8
Increasing Participation in Higher Education STEM Programs: Practices, Policies, Pedagogies to Disrupt Exclusion
(Editors: Susan Staats, Amy Lee)
1 Nov 2019
Innovations and Contemporary Perspectives in Chemistry Education
(Editor: Yael Shwartz)
30 Jun 2019 1
Innovative Methods in Teaching in Secondary Education
(Editor: Vasiliki Brinia)
15 May 2019 1
Interactive Simulations and Innovative Pedagogy for Conceptual Understanding in Science Education
(Editor: David Geelan)
31 May 2019 3
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Professional Culture in a Changing Environment——Selected Papers from Professional Culture of the Specialist of the Future)
(Editors: Andrey V. Grinev, Alfred Nordmann, Anna V. Rubtsova)
10 Jun 2019
Middle Grades Education
(Editor: Micki M. Caskey)
31 Jul 2018 7
Mobile Learning Printed Edition available
(Editor: Maria Uther)
31 May 2018 6
Moral Education and Identity
(Editor: Laurance Splitter)
30 Sep 2019
Networked Learning—Expanding and Challenging Theory, Design and Practice
(Editors: Thomas Ryberg, Maarten De Laat, Nina Bonderup Dohn)
31 May 2019
Perspectives on Special Education
(Editor: Larry Beard)
31 Aug 2019
Place-based Partnerships and New School Designs to Address Poverty, Social Exclusion, and Social Isolation
(Editor: Hal A. Lawson)
1 May 2016 8
Post-Compulsory Education
(Editor: Maggie Gregson)
4 Feb 2020
Problem-based Learning
(Editor: Roger Hadgraft)
15 Feb 2019
Problem-based Pedagogies in Higher Education
(Editors: Eva Bendix Petersen, Simon Warren)
1 Jun 2019
Project and Design-Based Learning in Electrical and Computer Engineering for K-16 Students and Teachers
(Editors: Kumar Yelamarthi, Tolga Kaya)
31 Jul 2019 1
Reading Fluency
(Editors: Timothy Rasinski, William Rupley, David Paige, Chase Young)
15 Jan 2020
Science Education
(Editor: Niklas Markus Gericke)
30 Nov 2017 8
Selected Papers from the Eurasian Conference on Educational Innovation 2019
(Editors: Teen­Hang Meen, Charles Tijus, Chun-Yen Chang)
31 Mar 2019 4
Societal Culture and Educational/School Leadership
(Editor: Paul Miller)
31 Dec 2018 6
Special Educational Needs and Rights to Education in School and University from a Cross-national Point of View: A Look in a Complex World
(Editors: Donatella Rita Petretto, Carmelo Masala, Rita Pilia)
30 Jun 2020
Sustainability Integration in Traditional Engineering Education
(Editor: Alessandro Bertoni)
31 Dec 2019
Sustainability, Environment and Education
(Editor: Michael Brody)
1 Oct 2016 7
Teaching and Learning in STEM Education
(Editor: Helen Meyer)
31 Oct 2017 6
Teaching and Learning Languages in Multilingual Contexts
(Editor: Christa Van der Walt)
31 Mar 2019
Teaching Methods in Science Subjects Promoting Sustainability Printed Edition available
(Editor: Eila Jeronen)
30 Sep 2016 10
Technology Enhancing the Skills of Students with Disabilities
(Editor: Maria Earman Stetter)
31 Jan 2018 6
Technology-enhanced Learning in Media Studies
(Editor: Elissavet Gina Georgiadou)
30 May 2019 2
The Education of d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children: Perspectives on Language and Literacy Development
(Editor: Peter V. Paul)
30 Apr 2019
The Flipped Classroom in Higher Education: Research and Practice
(Editors: Christian Stöhr, Tom Adawi)
31 Jul 2017 7
The Politics of Seeing in the Early Years: A Pedagogical and Theoretical Proposition of Visual Surplus
(Editor: E. Jayne White)
30 Jun 2019
The Quality of Classroom Assessments
(Editor: Anders Jönsson)
15 Mar 2019 1
Towards Excellence in Engineering Education
(Editor: Khmaies Ouahada)
1 Jan 2019 10
Trends in STEM education
(Editors: Ángel Alberto Magreñán, Iñigo Sarría)
31 Jan 2020 2
Understanding Nuances on Gender and Executive Leadership Practices at Minority- Serving Institutions
(Editors: Robert T. Palmer, Leslie Hall, Ashley L. Gray)
31 Jan 2019
Understanding the Rich Context of Minority Serving Institutions
(Editor: Marybeth Gasman)
31 Mar 2018 5
Universal Design for Inclusive Pedagogy
(Editor: David Arendale)
31 Aug 2018 7
Urban/City Schools
(Editors: Augustina Reyes, Linda Martinez)
30 Sep 2019
Valorization of Physical Education
(Editor: Dana Badau)
15 Sep 2018 7
Visible Learning – What’s next? A Decade after An Educational Milestone
(Editor: Klaus Zierer)
30 Nov 2018 5
Vocabulary Development Printed Edition available
(Editors: Timothy Rasinski, William Rupley)
1 Aug 2018 9
Whatever Happened to Digital Games-based Learning?
(Editor: Wayne Holmes)
15 May 2019
Widening Participation in Higher Education
(Editors: Anna Vignoles, Neil Murray)
31 Aug 2015 5
Worldly Orientations to Internationalising Education: Non-Western Languages, Theoretic-linguistic Tools and Modes of Critique
(Editor: Michael Singh)
15 Aug 2016 9
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