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26–27 October 2020 2nd Basel Sustainable Publishing Forum - The Global Transition to Open Access: Challenges and Solutions


The 2nd Basel Sustainable Publishing Forum (BSPF) will be held in Basel, 26–27 October 2020. The aim of the forum is to offer a platform for open and constructive conversation between researchers, learned societies, university librarians, funding agencies, scholarly publishers, publishing platforms, and other concerned stakeholders (professional associations, etc.) to identify implementable solutions for a sustainable global transition to open access.

A main topic of discussion of BSPF2 will be the challenges facing learned societies in this transition to Open Access, but the conference will also cover a broad array of topics relevant to these challenges, like the development of alternative metrics, the evaluation and promotion of researchers, the OA price transparency, the current situation and limitations of transformative agreements, copyright, etc.

This will be a unique opportunity to work together towards sustainable solutions for a successful global transition to open access.

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29–31 July 2020 32nd IEEE Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training

Munich, Germany

CSEE&T 2020 seeks original research papers on novel ideas, methods and techniques for software engineering education as well as education experience & industrial training reports. Contributions may concern all fields of software engineering education, among others, university education at graduate and undergraduate level, industrial training, as well as teaching software engineering at various kinds of secondary schools. We invite submissions on any aspects of software engineering education and training. The special theme of CSEE&T 2020 is “Educating for the Future”.

23–25 September 2020 The 25th Symposium on Chemistry and Science Education

Ludwigsburg, Germany

The 25th Symposium on Chemistry and Science Education will continue a long tradition begun in 1981 with the first symposium on chemical education organized by Hans-Jürgen Schmidt. The upcoming symposium will be held for the first time at Ludwigsburg University of Education in 2020. The 2020 symposium is titled “Science education, culture and sustainability in the digital age”.

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