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13–15 September 2021 The 9th World Sustainability Forum (WSF 2021)


This year, on 13th–15th September, MDPI has partnered with the University of Basel to bring you the 9th World Sustainability Forum (WSF 2021).

Calling for a “New Normal”

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged many of the world’s outdated economic, social, and environmental systems, prompting widespread calls for a global shift towards a more sustainable “new normal”.

Now, more than a year on since the world entered various forms of lockdown or pandemic management, WSF 2021 is an opportunity to help re-evaluate the relationships between society, politics, and the commercial world. By providing major sessions on topics of Business and Finance, Climate, Health and Medicine, Water and Education, WSF 2021 aims to establish platforms and networks among stakeholders and bring structure to the vision of a more sustainable world after the pandemic.

World Sustainability Awards – We Welcome your Nominations

At WSF 2021, we are excited to host this year’s World Sustainability Award and the Emerging Sustainability Leader Award, funded by the MDPI Sustainability Foundation and the Sustainability journal, respectively, and we welcome your nominations!

The recipients of the World Sustainability Award and Emerging Sustainability Leader Award are chosen from nominees by a Selection Committee consisting of a maximum of five members, including permanent members Dr. Shu-Kun Lin, founder and President of MDPI and founder and chairman of the MDPI Sustainability Foundation, and Prof. Dr. Ed Constable, former Vice President for Research of the University of Basel.

Nominees for the World Sustainability Award may be individual researchers or groups of researchers, whereas the nominees for the Emerging Sustainability Leader Award are individual researchers aged 40 or under at the time of the submission deadline. The awardees must have made, and continue to make, a unique and outstanding academic or societal contribution to sustainability in general or to a sustainability-relevant issue.

Awardees of both the World Sustainability Award and Emerging Sustainability Leader Award will receive a monetary prize of USD 100,000 and USD 20,000, respectively.

Abstract Submissions are Now Open!

Until the 13th July 2021, we are seeking proposals for session streams, sessions, and presentations of papers and posters for WSF 2021. All submissions should aim to foster research, networking, and debates in science and technology, the life sciences, and the social sciences, as well as fruitful exchanges between academia and the public, civic, or private sectors – We are looking forward to your submissions.


Contact us: 

Email: [email protected]
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Upcoming Partner Conferences (4)

2–10 September 2021 ECER 2021

Geneva (online)

02-03 September 2021-Emerging Researchers' Conference
06-10 September 2021-European Conference on Educational Research

The European Conference on Educational Research, ECER is Europe's biggest annual conference in this field. ECER 2021 will be held as an online event from Monday 6 to Friday 10 September 2021, with the conference theme ‘Education and Society: expectations, prescriptions, reconciliations’. The six ECER keynotes will be held by Jo-Anne Dillabough (University of Cambridge), Phillipp Gonon and Lorenzo Bonoli (University of Zurich and Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training SFIVET), Kirsti Klette (University of Oslo), Laura Lundy (Queen’s University, Belfast) Anne Rohstock (University of Tübingen) and Ninni Wahlström (Linnaeus University).

16–18 November 2021 International Congress on Education and Technology in Sciences—CISETC 2021

Chiclayo, Peru

The INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON EDUCATION AND TECHNOLOGY IN SCIENCES (CISETC-2021) has a forward-looking vision to scientific and technological development, assessing the development possibilities found in the classrooms of different educational levels, becoming an academic scientific space, which aims to socialize the BEST TEACHING PRACTICES of MATHEMATICS, CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY, PHYSICS, STATISTICS related to the use of technology in its several forms.

Teaching Science with Technology in the current contexts is necessary because at present education is virtual, specifically STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) has taken a greater methodological predominance promoting teamwork, cooperation and problem-based project approach, therefore CISETC-2021 responds to this imperative obligation.

In this opportunity, interaction between lecturers and participants will dynamize communication and dissemination of scientific knowledge through conferences and workshops on theoretical or empirical issues regarding STEAM.

Call for papers

  • Technology mediation in teaching processes of STEAM areas.
  • Teaching practices of STEAM areas in virtual contexts.
  • Technology ecosystems to teach science.
  • Diversity of gaps for STEAM.
  • Scientific experimentation with ICT.
  • Scientific competence and ICT.
  • Technological aspects of teaching science.
  • Teaching of Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Statistics with ICT.
  • Training of science professors for digital contexts.
  • Didactics of ICT-mediated sciences.
  • Technological Innovations in science teaching.
  • Collaborative learning on technology-based science.
  • Computational thinking.
  • Educational robotics.
  • Educational gamification.
  • Emotional interfaces for scientific education.
  • Use of videogames in scientific education.
  • Artificial intelligence on scientific education.
  • Machine learning and scientific education.
  • Automatic learning in scientific education.
  • Management of ICT-mediated scientific learning.
  • Science teaching methodologies with ICT.
  • Use of virtual laboratories for science teaching.
  • Design and implementation of information system for STEAM adjustment.
  • Development of information applications for science teaching.
  • Technology-mediated evaluation on scientific education.
  • Internet of things for science teaching.

Submissions of Papers

Manuscripts will be sent in PDF format, following the required format, which may be downloaded from

Send papers to:

Important Dates

Deadline for receipt of papers: August 31, 2021.

Notification of accepted papers: October 15, 2021.

Contact Details:

[email protected]

+51 994 019 603 (Perú)

10–12 February 2022 The Fifth IEEE Eurasian Conference on Educational Innovation 2022 (IEEE ECEI 2022)

Taipei, Taiwan

Eurasian Conference on Educational Innovation (ECEI) was established in 2018. The first ECEI conference was held in Macau, China, on January 26 – 29, 2018. ECEI aims to provide a communication platform for researchers on the topics of educational innovations. The second, third, and fourth ECEI conferences were held in Singapore, Hanoi, and Taitung. The fifth IEEE Eurasian Conference on Educational Innovation 2022 (IEEE ECEI 2022) will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, on February 10~ February 12, 2022. In the fifth ECEI conference, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) joins as a co-sponsor for the first time and hopes to invite the engineers and scientists to attend this IEEE ECEI conference. IEEE ECEI 2022 will enable interdisciplinary collaboration between educators and experts from engineering and science areas in the academic and industrial fields and international networking. For more detailed information, please visit

5–7 March 2022 17th Education And Development Conference [EDC2022]

Bangkok, Thailand

17th Education and Development Conference [EDC2022] is one of a kind platform for global stakeholders from academic, professional and governmental realms to gather, network and discuss educational development, technology education, teaching and learning techniques and innovations in educational systems.  EDC offers a unique, culturally and professionally diverse environment, carefully designed to foster personal and professional growth

Whether you are looking for a place to:

  • SHARE: Present your research, share your experience or raise awareness of your work and get valuable feedback from the international community of scholars, professionals and policy makers, 
  • LEARN: From leading experts in the fields of educational development, technology education, teaching and learning or
  • CONNECT: Network with global stakeholders, make new friends and find collaborators for your projects,

​17th Education and Development Conference [EDC2022] is the right place for you!

Call for papers:

Submissions for the EDC2022 are being accepted and reviewed on a rolling admission basis as long as space is available or by December 15th 2021 at the latest.

Proposals are accepted online, through application form available on the conference website at:

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