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Internet and Gaming Addiction: A Systematic Literature Review of Neuroimaging Studies
The “Id” Knows More than the “Ego” Admits: Neuropsychoanalytic and Primal Consciousness Perspectives on the Interface Between Affective and Cognitive Neuroscience
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The Neuroscience of Growth Mindset and Intrinsic Motivation
Can Musical Training Influence Brain Connectivity? Evidence from Diffusion Tensor MRI
Physical Activity: A Viable Way to Reduce the Risks of Mild Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Vascular Dementia in Older Adults
Multiple Sclerosis: Immunopathology and Treatment Update
Physical Activity, Cognitive Function, and Brain Health: What Is the Role of Exercise Training in the Prevention of Dementia?
On Aerobic Exercise and Behavioral and Neural Plasticity
Compensatory Plasticity in the Deaf Brain: Effects on Perception of Music
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