Small Ruminants

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The subsection Small Ruminants presents original research on sheep, goats, New World camelids, and deer that are kept in conditions of husbandry. Scientifically excellent papers that consider small ruminants in the context of genetic or environmental conservation, or rural development, or that have significant implications for animal welfare, will be particularly welcome, and an interdisciplinary approach is encouraged. Experimental and genomic studies must explain what hypotheses are being tested, and whether new hypotheses are required. Submissions with a strong veterinary, nutritional, meat or dairy science, or genetic focus must make the wider interest of the work very clear. While case studies in general are not excluded, they should be placed in a hypothesis-testing framework.


  • Selection and breeding
  • Husbandry systems and their social contexts
  • Welfare indicators and management
  • “Omics” studies in small ruminants
  • Small ruminants in the environment
  • Emergent and established diseases of small ruminants
  • Reproduction and fertility
  • Microbiome studies

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