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The Mammals Section of the Animals journal is committed to publishing groundbreaking research that explores various facets of mammalian life, including behavior, conservation efforts, ecological interactions, genetic makeup, morphological features, physiological characteristics, and taxonomical classifications. Special issues under this section have delved into a multitude of topics, ranging from mammalian ecology and preservation strategies to the complex relationship between marine mammalian ecology and human societies, and even the physiological attributes and behaviors of African mole rats.  

As an open access journal, Animals has established a publication process that allows for swift dissemination of research findings, thus making a significant impact on the larger scientific community. Given that Animals addresses a broad audience, it is crucial to ensure that all technical data are accessible, comprehensible, and valuable to all readers. The journal's commitment to open access ensures that this significant research can be reached and utilized by researchers, conservationists, educators, and the public alike, promoting an interdisciplinary and inclusive approach to the study of mammals.

Do not miss this opportunity to enrich the field of mammalian research with your invaluable contribution. I eagerly look forward to the possibility of working with you to bring your research to the world.

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