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Nanomaterials have a wide spectrum of applications, including use in electronic devices, batteries, and as catalysts. For these applications, contact with the human respiratory system and skin may occur during the production phase. For textiles, healthcare products, food agriculture, and environmental decontaminants contact via skin and the oro-gastrointestinal tract is most likely. Use of nanomaterials for medical applications as drug carriers, sensors, and implants also includes parenteral routes. Nanoparticles, for instance, in food agriculture are used for antimicrobial purposes, and selective action should be achieved.

This section of Nanomaterials deals with intended (antimicrobial, diagnostic, and therapeutic medical application) and non-intended (short- and long-term toxicity, accumulation) biological effects of all kinds of nanomaterials on living organisms, including humans, animals, plants, and microbiota. Submission of cellular, in vivo, and observational studies is encouraged.

Any aspect related to better understanding of nanomaterial-induced biological adverse effects and development of nanomaterials with desired biological action is highly recommended for publication in the “Biology and Medicines” section of Nanomaterials.

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