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2004 The inaugural issue was released. IJERPH was published as a biannual journal.
Sponsored the First International Symposium on Recent Advances in Environmental Health Research.
2006 IJERPH adopted a quarterly publication schedule.
2008 IJERPH was indexed in PubMed.
2009 IJERPH adopted a monthly publication schedule.
IJERPH was indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE).
2012 IJERPH received its first Impact Factor (1.605).
2013 IJERPH established the following section:
-Health Economics.
IJERPH announced the first edition of the First Best Paper Award.  
Sponsored Environment and Health Conference in Basel, Switzerland.
2014 The Impact Factor increased to 2.063.
2016 The Impact Factor increased to 2.101.
IJERPH was indexed in Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI).
2017 The Impact Factor increased to 2.145.
International Society Doctors for the Environment (ISDE) and Italian Society of Environmental Medicine (SIMA) became affiliated to IJERPH.
IJERPH establishes the following sections:
-Global Health;
-Health Services and Health Economics Research;
-Environmental Science and Engineering;
-Occupational Safety and Health;
-Health Behavior, Chronic Disease and Health Promotion;
-Climate Change and Health;
-Environmental Health.

IJERPH published its 5,000th paper.
2018 IJERPH established the following sections:
-Infectious Disease Epidemiology;
-Mental Health;
-Digital Health;
-Children Health;
-Women’s Health.
The first International e-Conference on Environmental Health Sciences, sponsored by IJERPH, was held on Sciforum.
2019 The Impact Factor increased to 2.468.
IJERPH adopted a semimonthly publication schedule.
IJERPH established the following sections:
-Health Communication;
-Toxicology and Public Health;
-Public Health Statistics and Risk Assessment;
-Emerging Contaminants;
-Environmental Analysis and Methods;
-Environmental Microbiology;
-Environmental Remediation and Management;
-Environment and Applied ecology;
-Industrial Ecology;
-Environmental Chemistry and Technology.
IJERPH published 10,000th paper.
2020 The Impact Factor increased to 2.849.
IJERPH established the following sections:
-Exercise and Health;
-Skin Health;
-Reproductive Health;
-Sport and Health;
-Oral Health.

-Emerging Contaminants was discontinued;
-Environmental Analysis and Methods was discontinued;
-Environmental Remediation and Management was discontinued;
-Environment and Applied Ecology was discontinued;
-Industrial Ecology was discontinued;
-Environmental Chemistry and Technology was discontinued;
-Health Informatics was discontinued.

The Impact Factor increased to 3.390.
IJERPH established the following sections:
-Water Science and Technology;
-Anthropogenic Circularity;
-Environmental Earth Science and Medical Geology;
-Disease Prevention.

-Health Communication was renamed as Health Communication and Informatics.
-Climate Change and Health was renamed as Climate Change.

2022 The Impact Factor increased to 4.614.
IJERPH established the following sections:
-Health-Related Quality of Life and Well-Being;
-Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation;
-Disaster Medicine;
-Environmental Ecology.
2023 The CiteScore increased to 5.4.
2024 IJERPH adopted a monthly publication schedule.


2004–present Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Paul B. Tchounwou

Section Editor-in-Chief

2013–present Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Ulf-G. Gerdtham for the section on Health Economics
2017–2022 Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Yu-Pin Lin for the section on Environmental Science and Engineering
2017–2023 Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Jon Øyvind Odland for the section on Global Health
2017–present Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. William A. Toscano for the section on Environmental Health
2018–2022 Section Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Jitse P. van Dijk for the section on Children's Health
2018–2023 Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Ivo Iavicoli for the section on Occupational Safety and Health
2018–2023 Section Editor-in-Chief: Dr. David Berrigan for the section on Health Behavior, Chronic Disease and Health Promotion
2018–2023 Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Kristie L. Ebi for the section on Climate Change
2019–2022 Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. U Rajendra Acharya for the section on Digital Health
Section Editor-in-Chief:
 Dr. Pasquale Caponnetto for the section on Mental Health
2019–present Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. William Douglas Evans for the section on Health Communication and Informatics
Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Jimmy T. Efird for the section on Public Health Statistics and Risk Assessment
2020–2022 Section Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Paul Turner for the section on Toxicology and Public Health
2020–present Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Gianrico Spagnuolo for the section on Oral Health
Section Editor-in-Chief: 
Prof. Dr. Alessandra Casuccio for the section on Women's Health
Section Editor-in-Chief: 
Dr. Zahid Ahmad Butt for the section on Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Section Editor-in-Chief: 
Dr. Pantelis T. Nikolaidis for the section on Exercise and Health
2021–2023 Section Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Xianlai Zeng for the section on Anthropogenic Circularity
2021–present Section Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Jun Hou for the section on Water Science and Technology
Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Xinbin Feng for the section on Environmental Earth Science and Medical Geology
Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Cristina Cortis for the section on Sport and Health
2022–2023 Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Javier Abián-Vicén for the section on Disease Prevention
2022–2024 Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Olaf Gefeller for the section on Skin Health
2022–present Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Jinyou Shen for the section on Chemoenvironment
Section Editor-in-Chief:
Prof. Dr. David Rodríguez-Lázaro for the section on Environmental Microbiology
Section Editor-in-Chief:
Prof. Dr. Karl Goodkin for the section on Mental Health
Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Dongsheng Ji for the section on Air
Section Editor-in-Chief:
Prof. Dr. German Vicente-Rodríguez for the section on Adolescents
Section Editor-in-Chief:
Prof. Dr. Fulvio Lauretani for the section on Aging
Section Editor-in-Chief:
Prof. Dr. Nicola Magnavita for the section on Nursing
Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Fabrizio Bert for the section on Digital Health
Section Editor-in-Chief:
Prof. Dr. Lingxin Chen for the section on Environmental Science and Engineering
Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Linyu Xu for the section on Environmental Ecology
2023–present Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Javier Abián-Vicén for the section on Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation


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