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Section Board for 'Biotic and Abiotic Stress' (12)

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Dr. Alessandra Francini
Section Editor-in-Chief
Institute of Life Sciences, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Piazza Martiri della Libertà 33, I-56127 Pisa, Italy
Interests: antioxidant; chlorophyll fluorescence; fruit quality; tree; heavy metals; phytoremediation; xenobiotic
Prof. Dr. Othmane Merah
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1. Laboratoire de Chimie Agro-industrielle, LCA, Université de Toulouse, INRA, Toulouse, France
2. Université Paul Sabatier, IUT A, Département génie Biologique, Toulouse, France
Interests: plant physiology; plant breeding; abiotic stress; bioactive accumulation; essential oils; biofertilizers; cereals; oilseed crop; legumes; vegetables
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Dr. David Lecourieux
Ecophysiology and Grape Functional Genomics (EGFV), Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences (ISVV), 210 chemin de Leysotte, 33883 Villenave d'Ornon, France
Interests: grapevine in a changing environment; biotic and abiotic stresses; plant signalling; functional genomic; new breeding technologies
Dr. Lijun Wang
Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanxincun 20, Xiangshan, Beijing 100093, China
Interests: abiotic stress tolerance; resveratrol
Prof. Dr. Rossano Massai
Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment (DAFE), University of Pisa, Via del Borghetto, 80, 56124 Pisa, Italy
Interests: ecophysiology and abiotic stress; water management; fruit quality; orchard systems; plant breeding; nutraceutical properties
Dr. Sergio Tombesi
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Department of Sustainable Crop Production (DiProVeS), Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Via Emilia Parmense 84, 29122 Piacenza, Italy
Interests: Pomology; tree crop physiology; water relations; tree crop management
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Dr. Francisco Garcia-Sanchez
Department of Plant Nutrition, CEBAS-CSIC, Campus Universitario de Espinardo, Murcia, Spain
Interests: plant nutrition; fertilization; abiotic stress; trees, horticultural plants; irrigation; hydroponic system
Dr. Francesco Di Gioia
Department of Plant Science, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802, USA
Interests: sustainable vegetable production; hydroponics; plant nutrition; agronomic biofortification; vegetable quality
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Dr. Carlos Miranda
Department of Agronomy, Biotechnology and Food Science, Universidad Pública de Navarra, Pamplona, 31006, Spain
Interests: modeling; plant physiology; statistical analysis; genetic diversity; food chemistry; irrigation; plant biology; predictive modeling; plant breeding
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Dr. Kazumi Nakabayashi
Department of Plant Biochemistry, School of Biological Sciences, Royal Holloway University of London, Egham, Surrey TW20 0EX, UK
Interests: seed dormancy and germination; ABA signaling
Dr. Rosario Paolo Mauro
Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment, University of Catania, Via Valdisavoia, 5 - 95123 Catania, Italy
Interests: agronomic management in horticulture and floriculture; breeding of horticultural crops; crop physiology; vegetables quality; secondary metabolites
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Prof. Dr. Michelle Jones
Department of Horticulture and Crop Science, The Ohio State University 1680 Madison Ave, Wooster, OH, USA
Interests: ornamentals; floriculture; abiotic stress; botrytis blight; plant microbe interactions; microbiome; ethylene; senescence; postharvest; plant growth promoting bacteria; nutrition, biocontrol; greenhouse
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