Sections - Horticulturae

Protected Culture 125 Articles

Prof. Dr. Nazim Gruda  
Prof. Dr. Silvana Nicola  

Developmental Physiology, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology 34 Articles

Prof. Dr. Luigi De Bellis  

Postharvest Biology, Quality, Safety, and Technology 66 Articles

Prof. Dr. Elazar Fallik  
Current Special Issues (15)

Biotic and Abiotic Stress 49 Articles

Dr. Alessandra Francini  
Current Special Issues (14)

Genetics, Genomics, Breeding, and Biotechnology (G2B2) 47 Articles

Dr. Amit Dhingra  
Current Special Issues (19)

Plant Nutrition 34 Articles

Prof. Dr. Wilfried Rozhon  
Current Special Issues (8)

Propagation and Seeds 27 Articles

Prof. Dr. Sergio Ruffo Roberto  
Current Special Issues (3)

Vegetable Production Systems 32 Articles

Prof. Dr. Stefania De Pascale  
Current Special Issues (8)

Fruit Production Systems 31 Articles

Prof. Dr. Esmaeil Fallahi  

Floriculture, Nursery and Landscape, and Turf 15 Articles

Prof. Dr. Genhua Niu  

Medicinals, Herbs, and Specialty Crops 16 Articles

Prof. Dr. Silvana Nicola  

Outreach, Extension, and Education 4 Articles

Prof. Dr. Amarat Simonne  

Viticulture 22 Articles

Dr. Gianluca Allegro  
Current Special Issues (5)

Processed Horticultural Products 1 Article

Dr. Rosario Paolo Mauro  
Current Special Issues (3)

Plant Pathology and Disease Management (PPDM) 6 Articles

Prof. Dr. Harald Scherm  

Insect Pest Management 1 Article

Dr. Umberto Bernardo  

Horticultural Economics, Policy, Business Management and Marketing 11 Articles

Prof. Dr. Christian Fischer  
Current Special Issues (3)


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