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Sustainability, Volume 11, Issue 22 (November-2 2019) – 342 articles

Cover Story (view full-size image): As the world continues to urbanize, identifying and implementing new urban development models and strategies is necessary for facing sustainable development challenges. To this end, the circular economy model can be implemented in the cities in order to operationalize a human sustainable development that simultaneously manages—from a systemic perspective—issues of social inequality as well as the ecological and economic crisis. Today, many cities define themselves as a “circular city” though a clear definition does not exist at present. In the transition towards being a circular city, tools (i.e., evaluation tools) play a fundamental role. The aim of this paper is to analyze the tools for implementing the circular city model, after first conducting an analysis of the concept of the circular city. In particular, a set of indicators to assess the impacts of [...] Read more.
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