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Most Cited & Viewed Papers

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Exploratory Bibliometrics: Using VOSviewer as a Preliminary Research Tool
by Andrew Kirby
Research Questions with PICO: A Universal Mnemonic
by Andreas Nishikawa-Pacher
Intellectual Capital: A Review and Bibliometric Analysis
by Wilder Quintero-Quintero, Ana Beatriz Blanco-Ariza and Manuel Alfonso Garzón-Castrillón
Scientific Research in Ecuador: A Bibliometric Analysis
by Gricelda Herrera-Franco, Néstor Montalván-Burbano, Carlos Mora-Frank and Lady Bravo-Montero
Efficiency of “Publish or Perish” Policy—Some Considerations Based on the Uzbekistan Experience
by Bahtiyor Eshchanov, Kobilbek Abduraimov, Mavluda Ibragimova and Ruzumboy Eshchanov
The Science of Literature Reviews: Searching, Identifying, Selecting, and Synthesising
by Uchendu Eugene Chigbu, Sulaiman Olusegun Atiku and Cherley C. Du Plessis
A Bibliometric Analysis of Research on Social Cohesion from 1994–2020
by Louis Moustakas
Fact Checkers Facing Fake News and Disinformation in the Digital Age: A Comparative Analysis between Spain and United Kingdom
by Casandra López-Marcos and Pilar Vicente-Fernández
Stories Told by Publications about the Relationship between Industry 4.0 and Lean: Systematic Literature Review and Future Research Agenda
by Juliana Salvadorinho and Leonor Teixeira
Sustained Rise in Retractions in the Life Sciences Literature during the Pandemic Years 2020 and 2021
by Nicole Shu Ling Yeo-Teh and Bor Luen Tang
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