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Are Fit Indices Biased in Favor of Bi-Factor Models in Cognitive Ability Research?: A Comparison of Fit in Correlated Factors, Higher-Order, and Bi-Factor Models via Monte Carlo Simulations
Network Models for Cognitive Development and Intelligence
Use of Response Time for Measuring Cognitive Ability
John Carroll’s Views on Intelligence: Bi-Factor vs. Higher-Order Models
The Bifactor Model Fits Better Than the Higher-Order Model in More Than 90% of Comparisons for Mental Abilities Test Batteries
Intelligence Is What the Intelligence Test Measures. Seriously
Personality and Intelligence Interact in the Prediction of Academic Achievement
Bifactor Models for Predicting Criteria by General and Specific Factors: Problems of Nonidentifiability and Alternative Solutions
Why Creativity Isn’t in IQ Tests, Why it Matters, and Why it Won’t Change Anytime Soon Probably
Relationships between Personality and Cognitive Ability: A Facet-Level Analysis
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