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Analysis of an Intelligence Dataset
(Editor: Nils Myszkowski)
31 Jul 2019
Challenges in Intelligence Testing
(Editor: Robert J. Sternberg)
15 Jul 2015 6
Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Processing in Future-Focused Learning (FFL)
(Editors: Jihyun Lee, Lazar Stankov)
31 Dec 2019
Cognitive Development and Individual Variability
(Editors: Anik De Ribaupierre, Thierry Lecerf)
15 Nov 2017 9
Cognitive Development and Intelligence
(Editors: Andreas Demetriou, George Spanoudis)
15 Dec 2016 9
Collective Intelligence: Individual and Team Ability
(Editors: Michelle Martin-Raugh, Patrick C. Kyllonen)
1 Nov 2019
Complex Problem Solving and its Position in the Wider Realm of the Human Intellect
(Editors: Samuel Greiff, Ronny Scherer)
1 Dec 2016 7
If Intelligence Is Truly Important to Real-World Adaptation, and IQs Have Risen 30+ Points in the Past Century (Flynn Effect), then Why Are There So Many Unresolved and Dramatic Problems in the World, and What Can Be Done About It? Printed Edition available
(Editor: Robert J. Sternberg)
31 Jan 2018 9
Intelligence and Education
(Editors: Paul De Boeck, Kathleen Scalise)
31 Aug 2019
Intelligence in Education
(Editor: Tomoe Kanaya)
1 Dec 2018 5
Intelligence, Where to Look, Where to Go?
(Editor: Paul De Boeck)
30 Nov 2014 15
Mapping Mind-Brain Development: From Evidence to a Common Mind-Brain Theory
(Editors: Andreas Demetriou, George Spanoudis)
30 Sep 2019
Mental Speed and Response Times in Cognitive Tests
(Editor: Oliver Wilhelm)
31 Mar 2016 11
Methodological Advances in Understanding the Flynn Effect
(Editor: Joseph Lee Rodgers)
31 Aug 2015 5
New Methods and Assessment Approaches in Intelligence Research
(Editors: Ulrich Schroeders, Gizem Hülür, Andrea Hildebrandt, Philipp Doebler)
31 Aug 2019
The Ability-Personality Integration
(Editors: Matthias Ziegler, Roberto Colom, Kai T. Horstmann, Caroline Wehner, Doreen Bensch)
31 Mar 2018 14
The Great Debate: General Ability and Specific Abilities in the Prediction of Important Outcomes
(Editors: Harrison J. Kell, Jonas Lang)
12 Feb 2018 7
What Does the SAT Measure?
(Editor: Brenda Hannon)
31 Aug 2019
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