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Journal of Intelligence runs special issues to create collections of papers on specific topics. The aim is to build a community of authors and readers to discuss the latest research and develop new ideas and research directions. Special Issues are led by Guest Editors who are experts in the subject and oversee the editorial process for papers. Papers published in a Special Issue will be collected together on a dedicated page of the journal website. For any inquiries related to a Special Issue, please contact the Editorial Office.

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The Intersection of Metacognition and Intelligence
edited by
submission deadline 30 Nov 2022 | Viewed by 191
Skill Acquisition, Expertise, and Achievement submission deadline 30 Nov 2022 | 1 articles | Viewed by 787
Metareasoning: Theoretical and Methodological Developments
edited by and Beth Richardson
submission deadline 15 Dec 2022 | 3 articles | Viewed by 2139
Keywords: metareasoning; metacognitive monitoring; metacognitive control; confidence; uncertainty; processing fluency
Understanding Higher-Order Cognitive Abilities and Their Development in the Anthropocene
edited by
submission deadline 15 Dec 2022 | 1 articles | Viewed by 1346
Keywords: intelligence; creativity; reasoning; problem solving; Anthropocene
Cognitive Flexibility: Concepts, Issues and Assessment submission deadline 15 Dec 2022 | 4 articles | Viewed by 3923
Keywords: intelligence; cognitive flexibility; psychological assessments; dynamic testing
Creativity, Intelligence, and Collaboration in 21st Century Education: An Interdisciplinary Challenge submission deadline 31 Dec 2022 | 8 articles | Viewed by 7333
Keywords: creativity; intelligence; education; inter- and transdisciplinarity; 21st century skills; collaboration
Personality and Individual Differences
edited by and
submission deadline 31 Jan 2023 | Viewed by 327
Keywords: individual differences; non-cognitive; personality; intelligence
Intelligent Professional Development submission deadline 31 Jan 2023 | 1 articles | Viewed by 697
Keywords: old and new issues in teacher development; teacher engagement; academic intelligence; home– school partnership; shared vision and goals; teacher perceptions and challenges in their career; evolution of teaching profession; professional relationships; a learning organization; social and emotional intelligence in teacher careers; relationships with different agents; intelligence and aging in teacher development; the teacher's tasks; professional leadership; purposeful teaching; others related with intelligence in professional development
Differential Psychology and Individual Differences in Intelligence
edited by
submission deadline 13 Feb 2023 | Viewed by 425
Keywords: intelligence; fluid reasoning; individual differences; intra-individual variability
Working Memory and Metacognition
edited by
submission deadline 28 Feb 2023 | Viewed by 227
Keywords: working memory; metacognition; metacognitive control; metacognitive monitoring; working memory demands
Emotion and Aging
edited by
submission deadline 28 Feb 2023 | Viewed by 172
Keywords: emotion; aging; resilience; threat; emotion regulation; emotional intelligence
Ability-Related Emotional Intelligence: Knowns, Unknowns, and Future Directions submission deadline 1 Mar 2023 | Viewed by 235
Keywords: emotional intelligence; individual differences; assessment; training; real-world outcomes
Assessment of Human Intelligence—State of the Art in the 2020s
edited by , Jacqueline M. Caemmerer, Melissa A. Bray and Johanna DeLeyer-Tiarks
submission deadline 15 Mar 2023 | Viewed by 657
Keywords: IQ testing; cognitive assessment; Wechsler scales; intelligence theories; theory-based test interpretation; clinical assessment; Cattell– Horn– Carroll (CHC) theory
The Interplay between Motivational, Affective Factors and Cognitive Factors in Learning
edited by
submission deadline 20 Mar 2023 | Viewed by 272
Keywords: motivation; learning; academic emotions; academic performance; math; reading; cognition
Spatial Intelligence and Learning
edited by Susan C. Levine, Nora S. Newcombe and Kelly S. Mix
submission deadline 10 Apr 2023 | Viewed by 188
On the Origins and Development of Attention Networks submission deadline 20 Apr 2023 | Viewed by 59
Construct Validity of the WISC
edited by
submission deadline 30 Apr 2023 | Viewed by 66
Keywords: WISC-V; construct validity; intelligence theory; culture; Cattell– Horn– Carroll theory; neuropsychological theory
Advances in Metacognition, Learning, and Reactivity
edited by and Liang Luo
submission deadline 30 Apr 2023 | Viewed by 80
Keywords: metacognitive monitoring; judgments of learning; confidence rating; learning efficiency; self-use of effective study strategies; reactivity
Grounding Cognition in Perceptual Experience submission deadline 10 May 2023 | Viewed by 68
Keywords: perception and categorization; perception and language; perception and mental representation; perception and assessment; perception and user experience; perception and metareasoning; perception and insight problem solving; perception and creativity
Advances in Research on Social and Emotional Learning and Its Value in Supporting Academic and Workforce Outcomes
edited by Michelle Martín-Raugh and
submission deadline 20 May 2023 | Viewed by 28
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