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COVID-19-Related Social Media Fake News in India
Media and Misinformation in Times of COVID-19: How People Informed Themselves in the Days Following the Portuguese Declaration of the State of Emergency
Kindness and Control: The Political Leadership of Jacinda Ardern in the Aotearoa New Zealand COVID-19 Media Conferences
Data Journalism Practices Globally: Skills, Education, Opportunities, and Values
The Digitalization of Motion Picture Production and Its Value Chain Implications
Artificial Intelligence in News Media: Current Perceptions and Future Outlook
Swedish Government and Country Image during the International Media Coverage of the Coronavirus Pandemic Strategy: From Bold to Pariah
Intersections between TikTok and TV: Channels and Programmes Thinking Outside the Box
Characteristics of Fake News and Misinformation in Greece: The Rise of New Crowdsourcing-Based Journalistic Fact-Checking Models
Saving Lives and Changing Minds with Twitter in Disasters and Pandemics: A Literature Review
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