10th Anniversary of Foods

The year 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of Foods, which is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that provides an advanced forum for studies pertaining to all aspects of food research, with major emphasis on the “science of food”. Foods had published over 6,000 papers by the end of 2021. We value the contributions from both authors and reviewers. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Foods, we are arranging special content and a series of events. We hope that you can join us in celebrating this milestone for our journal and enjoy the collection below.

Foods 10th Year Anniversary

Development and Achievements

View the 10-year timeline infographic here. Trace the development of Foods from its origins with remarkable events.

Foods is launched, initially as a quarterly journal. Prof. Dr. Charles Brennan is the founding Editor-in-Chief. The inaugural volume is released.

Prof. Dr. Christopher J. Smith serves as the Editor-in-Chief.

Foods is indexed by the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) in Web of Science.

Foods becomes a monthly journal and is covered by PubMed.

The following eight sections are added: Food Processing and Technology; Food Physics and (Bio)Chemistry; Food Analysis; Food Microbiology; Food Function and Nutrition; Meat; Dairy; Grain.

Foods is accepted for inclusion in Scopus and Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE).

Foods receives its first impact factor of 3.011, and is ranked 35/136 (Q2) in the category ‘Food Science & Technology’ in SCIE.

The 2019 impact factor is 4.092. Foods ranks 27/139 (Q1) in the category "Food Science & Technology" in SCIE.

Two new sections, "Food Packaging and Preservation" and “Foodomics”, are established.

Foods holds the 1st International Electronic Conference on Food Science and Functional Foods from 10–25 November 2020.

1st e-conference

Prof. Dr. Arun K. Bhunia serves as the Editor-in-Chief.

Six new sections, "Food Toxicology", "Food Systems", "Food Biotechnology", "Foods of Marine Origin", "Plant Foods" and "Drinks and Liquid Nutrition", are established.

The 2nd International Electronic Conference on Foods—"Future Foods and Food Technologies for a Sustainable World"—is held on 15–30 October 2021.

Celebration Activities

10th Anniversary Award


10th Anniversary E-Conference


Anniversary Special Issues

Foods: 10th Anniversary submission deadline 31 Oct 2022 | 32 articles | Viewed by 78641
Women’s Special Issue Series: Food Science submission deadline 16 Jun 2023 | 10 articles | Viewed by 20881
Genomics and Eco-Physiology of Food-Related Microorganisms submission deadline 31 Dec 2022 | 1 articles | Viewed by 1819
Keywords: genomics; whole-genome sequencing; transcriptomics; stress responses; foodborne pathogens; bacterial physiology
(This special issue belongs to the Section Foodomics)
Fruits and Fruit-Based Products as a Source of Bioactive Compounds submission deadline 20 Mar 2023 | 15 articles | Viewed by 24078
Keywords: bioaccessibility and bioavailability; bioactive compounds; extraction; isolation and purification; fruit-based products; fruit color (betalains; anthocyanins and chlorophylls); minerals (macro and micro); organosulfur compounds (glucosinolates); polyphenols (phenolic acids; flavonoids); processing; storage time; terpenoids (carotenoids)
(This special issue belongs to the Section Plant Foods)
Probiotic Potential of Isolated Cultures from Spontaneously or Naturally Fermented Food Products submission deadline 15 Dec 2023 | 5 articles | Viewed by 12754 | Submission Open
Keywords: spontaneous fermentation; traditional fermentation; probiotic microorganisms; gut microbiota; lactic acid bacteria; Bacillus spp.; yeast
(This special issue belongs to the Section Food Microbiology)
Innovative Muscle Foods Preservation and Packaging Technologies
edited by
submission deadline 31 May 2024 | 2 articles | Viewed by 13413 | Submission Open
Keywords: innovative preservation and packaging technologies; minimally processed foods; food quality; food safety
(This special issue belongs to the Section Food Packaging and Preservation)
Circular Bioeconomy: Novel Processes and Materials for Food Preservation submission deadline 31 May 2023 | 11 articles | Viewed by 31877
Keywords: Circular Bioeconomy; biomass; biopolymers; green composites; bioactives; food preservation; waste valorization; food packaging
(This special issue belongs to the Section Food Packaging and Preservation)
Scientific Breakthroughs to Fruit and Vegetable By-Product Valorization in Food Sector submission deadline 20 Mar 2023 | 7 articles | Viewed by 9728
Keywords: food sustainability; fruit and vegetable by-products; natural active compounds; by-products for food fortification; by-products for shelf life extension; by-products for packaging performance
(This special issue belongs to the Section Food Security and Sustainability)
Vibrational Spectroscopy, Chemometrics and Molecular Profiles: Applications to the Quality Assessment of Foodstuffs submission deadline 31 Mar 2023 | 6 articles | Viewed by 16311
Keywords: vibrational spectroscopy; analytical chemistry; chemometrics; food quality; data analysis; hand-held/portable spectrometers
(This special issue belongs to the Section Food Engineering and Technology)
Starch Modification: New Strategies, Techniques and Applications
edited by and Hongsheng Liu
submission deadline 25 Feb 2023 | 6 articles | Viewed by 9994
Keywords: starch; digestion; medicine; film; edible; packaging; function; hydrogels; materials; processing
(This special issue belongs to the Section Food Physics and (Bio)Chemistry)
Frontier Research and Applications of Biodegradable Packaging Systems from Agroindustrial Residues
edited by , Fábio Yamashita and
submission deadline 30 Aug 2022 | Viewed by 445
Keywords: biodegradable packaging; agroindustrial residues; lignocellulosic materials; cellulose; biopolymers; bioeconomy; biorefinery
(This special issue belongs to the Section Food Packaging and Preservation)
Current Practice and Future Directions of Nanotechnology Application on Food Processing
edited by , and
submission deadline 10 May 2023 | 7 articles | Viewed by 18967
Keywords: nanotechnology; nanoparticles; nanogels; nanoemulsions; nanomembranes; nanofibers; delivery systems; biodegradable films; functional food; nanosensors
(This special issue belongs to the Section Food Engineering and Technology)
Advances in the Use of Beneficial Microorganisms to Improve Nutritional and Functional Properties of Fermented Foods submission deadline 31 Jul 2022 | 11 articles | Viewed by 26078
Keywords: lactic acid bacteria; yeasts; fermentation; functional foods and beverages; bioactive compounds; phenolics; phytochemicals; novel foods; food technology; product preservation; food quality; food safety; health promoting features; food microbiota; starter cultures; bioaccessibility/bioavailability
(This special issue belongs to the Section Food Microbiology)

Collection of Excellent Works

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