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Sustainable Management

A section of Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050).

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Sustainable management begins from the concept of sustainable development and combines it with the concept of management. There are three aspects relative to sustainable development: the environment, the needs of present and future generations, and the economy. In using these branches, the ability of a system to thrive by maintaining economic viability and by limiting resource consumption to meet the needs of present and future generations is created. According to this definition, sustainable management is defined as the application of sustainable practices in commerce, agriculture, environment, production, and other fields by management in a manner that is beneficial to present and future generations.

Sustainable management is necessary because it is an important part of the ability to successfully maintain the quality of life on our planet. Sustainable management can be applied to all aspects of our lives. For example, the community needs sustainable management because if the community is to prosper, then management must be sustainable. Forests and natural resources require sustainable management if they can continue to be used by our generation and future generations. Our personal lives also require sustainable management. This can be conducted by making decisions that help maintain our current environment and environment or by managing our emotional and physical health. Sustainable management can be applied to many dimenstions because it can be applied as a literal and abstract concept. The meaning depends on the meaning in which they are applied and it can be changed.

Topics include but not limit to the following dimensions:

  • Business/Marketing/Brand Management;
  • Sustainable Consumption;
  • Supply Chain Management;
  • Purchase/Distribution Management;
  • Environmental Management;
  • (Natural) Resources Management;
  • Waste Management;
  • Water/Energy/Project Management;
  • Quality Management;
  • Production/Manufacturing Management;
  • Lean Production;
  • Operations Management;
  • Cost and Profit Management;
  • Industry Management;
  • Life-cycle Assessment;
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • Innovation Management;
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management;
  • Management Strategy and Policy;
  • Role of emerging technologies in sustainable management;
  • Impact of emerging technologies on management styles for improving sustainability;
  • Emerging technologies integration into management systems.

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