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Environmental Remote Sensing

A section of Remote Sensing (ISSN 2072-4292).

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Growing concern about the human impact on the environment has led to the development of new observation and analysis tools to tackle and monitor types, magnitudes, and rates of environmental changes. Timely observations by Earth Observation (EO) satellite systems and improved mapping and analysis tools are enabling a better understanding of the ecological and environmental interactions that underlie our Earth systems, which is critical for developing sustainable solutions. The Section Environmental Remote Sensing deals with emerging methods, technologies, and high-impact EO applications in real world contexts. It may include sensors such as synthetic aperture radar for coastal subsidence monitoring, UAV based disaster damage and recovery assessment, high resolution multispectral data for ecosystem vulnerability and rehabilitation assessment, or hyperspectral data for biodiversity mapping and analysis. Topics may cover a broad range of environments from coastal to forest and desert areas as well as applications, e.g., conservation management, land conversion, natural resources mapping, and ecosystem dynamics. The focus is on environmental issues in light of climate change and human impacts.


  • Ecosystem assessment and monitoring;
  • Land use/cover changes (LUCC);
  • Arid environments and droughts;
  • Wetlands and coastal dynamics;
  • Water resources vulnerability;
  • Advanced methods for environmental applications;
  • Coastal environments and climate change;
  • Land subsidence and disaster monitoring;
  • New sensors/platforms for environmental studies

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