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One of the challenges faced by the research community relates to the development of production processes with reduced environmental impacts. The Green Processes section of the journal Processes is the selected forum for the publication of significant original and high-quality research, as well as reviews related to new and transformative environmentally friendly and more efficient systems. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to, new processes with reduced emissions, processes for environmental remediation, processes for distributed and small-scale production, biomass-related processes, electrification of process industry, etc. All manuscripts submitted for publication under this Section will undergo the high-quality peer-review process of the journal Processes and, if accepted, will be rapidly published online.


  • Biomass processes
  • Bio-based processes
  • Biomass processing
  • Biofuel production
  • Biogas processing
  • Bioplastic processing    
  • New disruptive processes for high efficiency
  • Process intensification
  • Process integration
  • Energy analysis of processes
  • Electrification of processes
  • Plasma processes
  • New process windows                   ·       
  • CCUS processes
  • Carbon capture
  • Chemical looping processes
  • Sorption enhanced processes
  • Calcium looping
  • Oxyfuel processes
  • Solvents and sorbents for CO2 capture
  • CO2 utilization processes
  • Distributed production processes
  • Downscale processes
  • Distributed production
  • Batch to continuous processes
  • Micro-structure reactors               

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