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Marine Drugs runs special issues to create collections of papers on specific topics. The aim is to build a community of authors and readers to discuss the latest research and develop new ideas and research directions. Special Issues are led by Guest Editors who are experts in the subject and oversee the editorial process for papers. Papers published in a Special Issue will be collected together on a dedicated page of the journal website. For any inquiries related to a Special Issue, please contact the Editorial Office.

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Mycosporine-Like Amino Acids from Marine Resource
edited by Felix Lopez Figueroa
submission deadline 30 May 2020 | 7 articles
Development and Application of Marine-Sourced Anti-Cancer and Cancer Pain Control Agents
edited by Giuseppe La Regina
submission deadline 31 May 2020 | 2 articles
Enzyme Inhibitor from Marine Organisms
edited by Dirk Tischler
submission deadline 31 May 2020 | 5 articles
New Challenges in Structure Elucidation of Marine Natural Products: NMR Analyses and Other Advanced Methods
edited by Marie-Lise Bourguet-Kondracki
submission deadline 31 May 2020 | 12 articles
Macroalgae-Derived Bioactive Molecules with Special Therapeutic Reference to Brain Disorders and Injury
edited by Il Soo Moon and Abdul Hannan
submission deadline 31 May 2020
High-Throughput Screening of Marine Resources
edited by Stéphane Bach, Pierre Colas and Mohamed Mehiri
submission deadline 1 Jun 2020 | 7 articles
Astaxanthin: A Potential Therapeutic Agent
edited by Graciela Pavon-Djavid
submission deadline 15 Jun 2020 | 11 articles
Bythos-Biotechnologies for Human Health and Blue Growth
edited by Mirella Vazzana
submission deadline 20 Jun 2020
Bioactive Marine Heterocyclic Compounds
edited by Yoshihide Usami
submission deadline 30 Jun 2020 | 5 articles
Metabolites of Diatoms – from Chemical Ecology to Their Potential Application in Biotechnology
edited by Valerio Zupo and Bettina Scholz
submission deadline 30 Jun 2020
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