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14 May–13 August 2021 The 7th Conference of the International Society for Applied Phycology (ISAP2021)

Virtual format

After Almería-Spain in 2002, Kunming-China in 2005, Galway-Ireland in 2008, Halifax-Canada in 2011, Sydney-Australia in 2014 and Nantes-France in 2017, the 7th Conference of the International Society for Applied Phycology (ISAP2021) will be held online during 14th May to 13th August, 2021 by the scientific team of Algae Biomass and Energy System R&D Center (ABES), University of Tsukuba, euglena Co., and Algae Industry Incubation Consortium (AIIC). Previous ISAP conferences had achieved the role of bringing the latest knowledge & skills in the field of applied phycology together in one place to develop further potentials in a commercial, remedial or regulatory context. The last conference was to appreciate the huge phycological biodiversity and the diversity of its biotechnological applications through the prism of a new and promising industrial sector in full development. Tribute to the past ISAP conferences, the ISAP2021 brings back a place where experts of applied phycology can gather. The conference contains a wide variety of sessions, such as oral and poster sessions, special sessions, panel discussions, exhibitions, virtual tours, B2B meeting, as well as young scientist/entrepreneur sessions. We warmly welcome you to participate in the conference.

5–7 July 2021 The 2nd Edition of the Conference Lipids in the Ocean

Aveiro, Portugal

We are happy to announce that the 2nd edition of the Conference Lipids in the Ocean will be held at the University of Aveiro between the 5th to 7th of July 2021. Due to uncertainties regarding the Covid-19 situation, it will be an Online Conference.

New deadlines!
Abstract Submission by the 15th of May 2021.
Registration by the 15th of June 2021.

We have assembled an exciting program, with prestigious keynote speakers, workshops, and well-balanced scientific sessions covering different areas of Marine Lipids.

The Second edition of the Conference will include the following sessions:
Session 1 – Lipids as biomarkers in trophic sea webs
Session 2 – Marine lipidomics and its applications
Session 3 – Lipids in changing ocean
Session 4 – Green lipids from the ocean (seaweeds, microalgae, and macrophytes)
Session 5 – Marine lipids biotechnology: prospects and applications
Session 6 – Seafood traceability using lipids

19–23 September 2021 The 13th International Congress on Extremophiles (Extremophiles2021)

Loutraki, Greece

The Organizers, the International Society for Extremophiles, and the Hellenic National Initiative “Mikrobiokosmos” are pleased to announce the 13th International Congress on Extremophiles (Extremophiles2021). The venue will be held at the Club Hotel Casino Loutraki ( from the 19th to 23rd of September, 2021, in Loutraki (80 km from Athens, GREECE).
The Extremophiles2021 Congress, aims to bring into light all recent updates of basic and applied research on “life in extreme environments”. As a result, the program will include sessions in many aspects of “extremophilic research” including, among others, origin of life, ecology, astrobiology, molecular biology, physiology and biotechnology, as well as a special workshop on Mikrobiokosmos (the Hellenic Initiative for Microbial Diversity).

26–29 September 2021 The 56th Congress of The European Societies of Toxicology (EuroTox 2020)

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish Society for Toxicology and Pharmacology is honored to organize EUROTOX 2020 in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The congress will take place from September 26th to 29th, 2021. The congress theme “Combined efforts in quest of safer chemicals and medicines” reflects the congress programme including a variety of topics dealing with safety of drugs and environmental chemicals, new and emerging technologies, personalized medicine, human health effects caused by exposure to chemicals as well as safety issues arising from climate changes.

12–14 November 2021 The 15th National Annual Conference and 2021 International Symposium on Marine Drugs

Nanning, China

As the technological commanding heights in the entire industry chain of marine biological resource utilization, marine drugs along with its life and health industry are the key development fields of the strategic emerging industries in China. They have become a hot spot in the international biomedical field. In the new era, marine drug research in China has made various significant achievements, which plays an important role in the international marine drug research fields, and is realizing the leap from basic research to industrialization. As for marine drug research, Guangxi is adjacent to the Beibu Gulf to the south, which is the only ethnic minority autonomous region bordering the sea and the sole coastal province in the western region. Moreover, it is also a frontier strategic fulcrum for deepening cooperation between China and ASEAN countries.

After full deliberation, The 15th National Annual Conference and 2021 International Symposium on Marine Drugs is sponsored by the Professional Committee of Marine Drugs of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, hosted by Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine, and co-organized by the Institute of Marine Drugs of Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine and the Guangxi Academy of Sciences. It is scheduled to be held in Nanning City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, November 12-15, 2021.

The conference will invite a group of well-known scholars from home and abroad to attend the event and give invited or conference reports on the discovery and optimization of marine lead compounds, marine medicinal biological resources research, biosynthesis of marine lead compounds, marine drug candidates and new drug research, and marine biological functional products. The research trends and latest achievements in the above fields will be extensively and profoundly exchanged and discussed. Meanwhile, the "Young Scholars Forum on Marine Drugs" is set up to promote the exchanges and cooperations among young scholars, and to improve the scientific research cohesion and innovative spirit. During the conference, many awards including the Excellent Poster Award will be presented. We sincerely invite and warmly welcome you to participate in this academic event!

28 November–1 December 2021 OMC2020 Organic and Medicinal Chemistry

Wollongong, Australia

Welcome to the joint meeting of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) Organic Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology divisions. With more than 350 delegates expected, and 30 plenary/keynote presentations the meeting will span all aspects of organic/medicinal chemistry and chemical biology practiced in Australia and around the world.

13–18 February 2022 2022 International Seaweed Symposium

Hobart, Australia

The 24th International Seaweed Symposium will be held in Australia’s southern most state, Tasmania--its capital, Hobart, from Sunday 13th to Friday 18th February 2022, hosted by the University of Tasmania’s Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies on behalf of the International Seaweed Association.

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