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Considering that oceans cover approximately 70% of our planet, there are huge untapped marine resources available for the discovery of future therapeutic applications. For example, several marine drugs have been shown to affect basically all hallmarks of cancer and even to contribute to epigenetic reprogramming, although selected cell signaling pathways remain to be further investigated.

This Section of Marine Drugs aims to provide a comprehensive and advanced publication platform for studies concerning all aspects of marine pharmacology, including approved marine-drug-related reports, the pharmacological characterization of marine compounds or their derivatives, preclinical and clinical pharmacological studies on marine-derived compounds, and the development of marine-derived drugs as well as marine-derived pharmaceutical formulations.


  • Discovery and development of marine-derived drugs
  • Marine-derived drug leads
  • Preclinical research on marine-derived drugs
  • Clinical research on marine-derived drugs
  • Reports of approved marine-derived drugs

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