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F: Electrical Engineering

A section of Energies (ISSN 1996-1073).

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We are living nowadays an Energy transition. We are going more electrical than ever before in transportation: electrical vehicles and ships, electrical motors are every were. Back home, more electronics, electrical kitchens and electronic controlled devices are more and more present. In some houses is not rare to see photovoltaic systems, home batteries, electrical vehicle chargers, electrical grass cutting machines, even equipped with small batteries. It is clear that energy is going more to be electrical and this is a great chance to go more toward renewable energies. Photovoltaics, wind power generation, and other renewables are going to play an unprecedented role in the way that we generate, store and consume energy. This is a chance of the change in a sustainable world that has only one possible direction, with new technologies and ideas.

This section is devoted to present the new technologies, trends and breakthroughs to promote more renewable energies for a future 100% renewable energy reality. This section, focuses on original and new research results regarding electrical power and energy technologies, as well as in diverse applications. Thus, manuscripts on planning, design, implementation, theoretical studies, economical and viability studies, as well as on their application to traditional as well as novel scenarios are solicited. Submissions addressing reviews and surveys will also be welcome. Download Section Flyer

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