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Sections - Energies

A: Electrical Engineering 4019 Articles

Prof. Dr. Josep M. Guerrero  

A1: Electrical Power System 196 Articles

A2: Distributed Energy System 76 Articles

A3: Power Electronics 166 Articles

A4: High Voltage 26 Articles

A5: Smart Grids and Microgrids 1310 Articles

Prof. Dr. José Matas  

A6: Electric Vehicles 964 Articles

Prof. Dr. Rui Xiong  

A7: Critical Energy Infrastructure 23 Articles

A8: Artificial Intelligence and Smart Energy 144 Articles

Prof. Dr. Wei-Hsin Chen  

B: Sustainable Energy 1518 Articles

Prof. Dr. Abdul-Ghani Olabi  

B1: Solar Energy and Photovoltaic Systems 755 Articles

Dr. Philippe Leclère  

B2: Wind, Wave and Tidal Energy 1018 Articles

Prof. Dr. João Carlos de Campos Henriques  

B3: Bio-Energy 952 Articles

Prof. Dr. Fernando Rubiera González  

B4: Hydrogen Energy 425 Articles

Prof. Dr. Giovanni Esposito  

C: Energy and Environment 1515 Articles

Prof. Dr. Antonio Zuorro  

C1: Carbon Emission and Utilization 57 Articles

C2: Clean Energy 81 Articles

C3: Energy and Climate Change 26 Articles

C4: Nuclear Energy 62 Articles

D: Energy Storage and Application 562 Articles

Prof. Dr. K.T. Chau  

D1: Advanced Energy Materials 525 Articles

Prof. Dr. Juan Ramon Morante  

D2: Electrochem: Batteries, Fuel Cells, Capacitors 91 Articles

D3: Nanoenergy 27 Articles

E: Thermal Management 1084 Articles

Prof. Dr. Marco Marengo  

E1: Heat and Mass Transfer 158 Articles

E2: Thermodynamics 17 Articles

E3: Exergy 1 Article

F: Energy and Buildings 1223 Articles

Prof. Dr. Patrick Phelan  

F1: Smart Cities and Urban Management 131 Articles

Prof. Dr. Umberto Berardi  

F2: Phase Change Materials for Energy Storage 1 Article

G: Geo-Energy 878 Articles

Prof. Dr. Ruud Weijermars  

G1: Petroleum Engineering 210 Articles

G2: Geothermal 47 Articles

G3: Fossil 30 Articles

H: Energy Fundamentals and Conversion 526 Articles

Prof. Dr. Tapas Mallick  

H1: Fuel 50 Articles

H2: Energy and Combustion Science 125 Articles

Prof. Dr. Maria Founti  

H3: Energy Chemistry 8 Articles

I: Energy Economics and Policy 1596 Articles

Prof. Dr. Peter V. Schaeffer  

J: State-of-the-Art Energy Related Technologies 116 Articles

K: Energy Sources 542 Articles

Prof. Dr. Frede Blaabjerg  


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