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Welcome to the Novel Antimicrobial Agents section. This section intends to cover and publish all aspects related to new antimicrobials. This section includes, but is not limited to, new antimicrobials, its modifications, new sources of antimicrobials, antimicrobial detection methods and alternative uses of antimicrobials, such as preservatives.

New uses or applications of common antimicrobials are welcome, as well as biological fight as the use of fagos or probiotic bacteria to control pathogenic bacterial populations everywhere, or even the use of new genomic tools to fight against pathogenic bacteria, including new mechanisms of antimicrobial action or mechanisms with effect against virulence factors of bacteria, as is the biofilm formation control.

Moreover, it welcomes reports on synergistic treatments which can increase the power of classical antimicrobials or enlarge the range of microorganisms covered. Likewise, the bacterial resistance development and resistance determinants to new compounds or the bacteria behavior regarding antimicrobial strategies are also in the scope of the section as well as the fight against multidrug resistant bacteria.

Finally, in the COVID-19 era, great attention is now being dedicated to the fight against viruses, particularly COVID-19, with new compounds or strategies to fight against the survival of these agents, or as therapeutic alternatives. This wide scope can attract a lot of new and exciting ideas for a better control of microorganisms in a densely populated world.

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