Sections - Antibiotics

Antibiotics Use and Antimicrobial Stewardship 9 Articles

Novel Antimicrobial Agents

Prof. Dr. Carlos M. Franco  

Marine Antimicrobials

Antimicrobial Peptides 1 Article

Antibiotic Synthesis

Mechanism and Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance 9 Articles

Prof. Dr. John E. Gustafson  

Fungi and their Metabolites

Prof. Dr. Gary A. Strobel  
Current Special Issues (1)

Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Drugs

Plant Derived Antibiotics

Mechanisms of Antibiotic Action

Prof. Dr. Anthony William Coleman  

Structures of Bacterial Proteins

Dr. Aaron Oakley  

Production and Characterization of Antibiotics

Biochemical and Genetics Studies of Microorganisms

Prof. Dr. Anders Løbner-Olesen  
Current Special Issues (1)

Bacteriophages 18 Articles

Clinical Trials


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