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A Novel Cryptocurrency Price Prediction Model Using GRU, LSTM and bi-LSTM Machine Learning Algorithms
by Mohammad J. Hamayel and Amani Yousef Owda
A Technology Acceptance Model Survey of the Metaverse Prospects
by AlsharifHasan Mohamad Aburbeian, Amani Yousef Owda and Majdi Owda
Situational Awareness: Techniques, Challenges, and Prospects
by Arslan Munir, Alexander Aved and Erik Blasch
Marketing with ChatGPT: Navigating the Ethical Terrain of GPT-Based Chatbot Technology
by Pablo Rivas and Liang Zhao
Ethics & AI: A Systematic Review on Ethical Concerns and Related Strategies for Designing with AI in Healthcare
by Fan Li, Nick Ruijs and Yuan Lu
Hydropower Operation Optimization Using Machine Learning: A Systematic Review
by Jose Bernardes, Jr., Mateus Santos, Thiago Abreu, Lenio Prado, Jr., Dannilo Miranda, Ricardo Julio, Pedro Viana, Marcelo Fonseca, Edson Bortoni and Guilherme Sousa Bastos
End-to-End Transformer-Based Models in Textual-Based NLP
by Abir Rahali and Moulay A. Akhloufi
Does the Use of AI to Create Academic Research Papers Undermine Researcher Originality?
by Eisuke Nakazawa, Makoto Udagawa and Akira Akabayashi
A Deep Learning Enabled Multi-Class Plant Disease Detection Model Based on Computer Vision
by Arunabha M. Roy and Jayabrata Bhaduri
Vision Based Drone Obstacle Avoidance by Deep Reinforcement Learning
by Zhihan Xue and Tad Gonsalves
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