Land Planning and Landscape Architecture

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The “Land Planning and Landscape Architecture” section of Land welcomes contributions that focus on theories, approaches, techniques, and arts concerning the analysis, design, planning, and management of landscapes. We welcome submissions of both an academic and a practical nature, exploring land planning, landscape architecture and discussion of theories and approaches to address socio-ecological issues through land planning and landscape architecture. This section acts as a bridge connecting research and social needs in urban and rural areas.

Potential topics relevant to “Land Planning and Landscape Architecture” include:

  • Multi-scale planning and design;
  • Land planning methods, including participatory planning, ecosystem-based planning, collaborative planning, integrated planning, strategic planning, sustainable planning, smart planning, territorial ecological planning, etc.;
  • Planning theory and planning policy related to land;
  • Digital landscape architecture;
  • Urban and regional development related to land;
  • Land use and land use change;
  • Disaster risk assessment/management/reduction;
  • Climate resilience;
  • Nature-based solutions;
  • Green/blue/gray/brown infrastructure;
  • Landscape protection/management/restoration;
  • Land planning, landscape architecture as it pertains to:
    • smart cities
    • ecosystem services
    • human health and well-being
    • biodiversity
    • education
    • GIS, remote sensing, big data, AI, VR, BIM, IoT and other advanced technologies
    • social/spatial/environmental/distributional/procedural justice
    • transport
    • heritage
    • real estate
    • energy transition

Manuscripts may be of a conceptual–theoretical nature, and can be a demonstration of successful cases and applied research. We also welcome short communications on design projects. Inter- and transdisciplinary manuscripts are highly encouraged, as are proposals for relevant Special Issues.

We are particularly interested in submissions relating to the design of healthier, greener cities that will ensure healthy living and promote well-being for all people; contributions aimed at making landscapes inclusive and safe; and manuscripts that demonstrate the design of sustainable landscapes to strengthen their resilience and adaptive capacity to withstand climate-related hazards and natural disasters.

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