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A New Urbanization Land Change Continuum
(Editors: Karen C. Seto, Dagmar Haase)
15 Sep 2013 10
Advancing Methods and Models for Implementing REDD+ for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
(Editors: David L. Skole, Cheikh Mbow)
17 Dec 2018 5
Agent-Based Modelling and Landscape Change Printed Edition available
(Editors: James D.A Millington, John Wainwright)
30 Apr 2015 11
Agricultural Land Abandonment: Patterns, Drivers and Consequences
(Editors: Alexander Prishchepov, Fabian Löw, Florian Schierhorn)
31 Dec 2019 2
Agro(Eco)System Services—Supply and Demand from Fields to Society
(Editors: Benjamin Burkhard, Stefan Hotes, Hubert Wiggering)
31 May 2015 7
Anthropogenic Biomes
(Editors: Erle C. Ellis, Kees Klein Goldewijk, Navin Ramankutty, Laura J. Martin)
31 Aug 2018 10
Arid Land Systems: Sciences and Societies
(Editors: Troy Sternberg, Ariell Ahearn)
15 Mar 2018 24
Biodiversity and Protected Areas Printed Edition available
(Editors: Karen Beazley, Robert Baldwin)
30 Nov 2018 13
Biodiversity in Locally Managed Lands Printed Edition available
(Editors: Jeffrey Sayer, Chris Margules)
30 Nov 2016 12
Carbon Emission Reductions and Removals in Tropical Forests
(Editor: Nophea Sasaki)
31 Mar 2015 7
Central Places and Un-Central Landscapes: Political Economies and Natural Resources in the Longue Durée Printed Edition available
(Editors: Giorgos Papantoniou, Athanasios Vionis)
1 Sep 2018 14
Changing Land Use, Changing Livelihoods Printed Edition available
(Editors: Claudia A. Radel, Jacqueline M. Vadjunec)
31 Jul 2015 12
Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing for Land Use, Land Cover and Change Detection
(Editors: Linda See, Cidalia C Fonte)
31 May 2019 3
Cultural Landscapes
(Editors: Stefan Hotes, Lutz Breuer, Tomohiro Ichinose)
1 Jul 2019
Does Commons Grabbing lead to Resilience Grabbing? The Anti-Politics Machine of Neo-Liberal Agrarian Development and Local Responses
(Editors: Tobias Haller, Mariah Ngutu, Fabian Käser)
31 Aug 2019 6
Drought, Land Use and Soil
(Editor: Ilan Stavi)
30 Jun 2019
Ecosystem Function and Land Use Change
(Editor: Audrey L. Mayer)
31 Dec 2014 10
European Landscapes and Quality of Life
(Editors: Marie Houdart, Pierre-Mathieu Le Bel, Yves Michelin)
15 May 2019 2
Exploring the Relationships between Land Use and Ecosystem Services
(Editors: Simon Willcock, Javier Martínez-López, Norman Dandy, James Bullock)
31 Dec 2019 2
Geospatial Social Data and Participatory Mapping for Landscape Change and Socio-Environmental Systems
(Editors: Bianca Lopez, Ginger Allington, Stephanie Tomscha, Sarah Gergel)
1 Jun 2019 3
Global Vegetation and Land Surface Dynamics in a Changing Climate
(Editors: Pinki Mondal, Sonali Shukla McDermid)
30 Jun 2019 1
Interactions between Food Security and Land Use in the Context of Global Change
(Editors: William J. McConnell, Andrés Viña)
31 May 2017 8
Land Change Modeling: Connecting to the Bigger Picture
(Editor: Eugenio Arima)
31 Jul 2014 9
Land Change Modelling
(Editors: Derek T. Robinson, Jennifer Koch)
30 Jul 2019 1
Land Consumption Monitoring: A Focus on Methodologies for Assessing the Changes at Different Scales
(Editors: Michele Munafo, Luca Salvati, Luca Congedo)
30 Nov 2019
Land Cover/Land-Use Changes in South and Southeast Asia
(Editors: Thilde Bech Bruun, Cornelia Hett, Rob Cramb)
15 Aug 2019 3
Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN)
(Editors: Saskia Visser, Jan De Leeuw, Saskia Keesstra, Margot De Cleen)
1 Aug 2019 1
Land Governance and (Im)mobility: Exploring the Nexus between Land Acquisition, Displacement and Migration
(Editors: Marthe Derkzen, Christine Richter, Annelies Zoomers)
31 Mar 2019 9
Land Governance in Support of Peace? Insights and Debates on Land Governance Strategies in “Post-War” Settings
(Editors: Gemma van der Haar, Mathijs van Leeuwen)
31 Jan 2020
Land Restitution: Processes and Outcomes in Different Political and Socio-Cultural Contexts
(Editors: Andreas Neef, Chanrith Ngin)
31 Oct 2019
Land Tenure and the Future of Cities
(Editor: Harvey M. Jacobs)
31 May 2019
Land Use and Food Systems Interactions in South America
(Editors: Luciana S. Soler, Margareth Simões, Alessandra R. Gomes, H. Ricardo Grau)
15 Sep 2018 3
Land Use Change Feedbacks with Climate
(Editor: Heiko Balzter)
31 Mar 2014 5
Land Use Planning and Territorial Impact Assessment Analysis to Bound and Regulate Land Use Depauperative Dynamics
(Editors: Bernardino Romano, Federico Martellozzo, Federico Amato, Beniamino Murgante)
30 Sep 2019
Land Use Planning for Natural Hazards
(Editors: George D. Bathrellos, Hariklia D. Skilodimou)
30 Apr 2019 5
Land Use Transitions
(Editor: Stephen J. Leisz)
30 Jun 2019 2
Land-Use Change and Ecosystem Carbon Dynamics
(Editors: Benjamin M. Sleeter, Paul C. Selmants)
28 Feb 2019 1
Land, Environment, and Policy
(Editors: Chuanrong Zhang, Mark Boyer, Weidong Li, Shougeng Hu, Mingkai Qu)
31 Aug 2018 9
Land, Land Use and Social Issues
(Editors: Frank Vanclay, Constanza Parra )
31 Aug 2019 1
Landscape Changes in Savanna Systems: Understanding the Roles of Climate, Vegetation Dynamics, Parks and Protected Areas, Resources, People and Livelihoods
(Editor: Jane Southworth)
31 Mar 2013 10
Landscape Perspectives on Environmental Conservation
(Editor: Kenneth R. Young)
30 Apr 2014 17
Landscape Urbanism and Green Infrastructure
(Editor: Thomas Panagopoulos)
31 Oct 2018 9
Landscapes in the Eastern Mediterranean between the Future and the Past
(Editors: Ioannis N. Vogiatzakis, Theano S. Terkenli, Maria Gabriella Trovato, Nizar Abu-Jaber)
31 Dec 2017 10
Livelihood and Landscape Change in Africa: Future Trajectories for Improved Well-Being under a Changing Climate
(Editors: Sheona Shackleton, Paul Hebinck, Chinwe Ifejika Speranza, Vanessa Masterson, Dian Spear, Maria Tengö)
31 Jan 2018 11
Measuring or Modelling Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Agricultural Land Use
(Editors: Matt Bell, Matthew Harrison, Heinz Flessa)
15 Sep 2019 3
Monitoring Land Cover Change: Towards Sustainability
(Editors: Ioannis Manakos, Garik Gutman, Chariton Kalaitzidis)
31 Dec 2019 4
Multifunctional landscapes
(Editor: Dietrich Schmidt-Vogt)
31 Aug 2019 1
Multiple Roles for Landscape Ecology in Future Farming Systems
(Editors: Diane Pearson, Richard Aspinall, Julian Gorman)
31 Jan 2020
Nature-based solutions (NBS) in Cities and Their Interaction with Urban Land, Ecosystems, Built Environment and People: Debating Societal Implications
(Editors: Dagmar Haase, Annegret Haase, Manuel Wolff, Diana Dushkova)
15 Jul 2019 1
New Trends for Financing Land Administration
(Editor: Daniel Paez)
31 Dec 2019
Restoring Degraded Lands to Attain UN-SDGs
(Editors: Purushothaman Chirakkuzhyil Abhilash, Sheikh Adil Edrisi, Vishal Tripathi, Rajiv K Chaturvedi, Himlal Baral, Ali El-Keblawy)
31 Jul 2019 1
Rural Landscapes - Challenges and Solutions to Landscape Governance
(Editors: Jørgen Primdahl, Teresa Pinto-Correia, Veerle Van Eetvelde)
31 Oct 2019
Sustainability and Rainforest Communities: Technological and Social Innovations for the UN Sustainable Development Goals
(Editors: Izabela Delabre, Pedram Rowhani, Alexander Antonarakis)
16 Dec 2019
The Politics of Natural Resources in the Era of Climate Change and Populism
(Editors: Alberto Alonso-Fradejas, Daniela Andrade, Saturnino M. Borras Jr., Tsegaye Moreda)
30 Jun 2019
The Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Progress and Prospects
(Editor: William J. McConnell)
30 Jun 2019
Towards the Sustainable Management of Ecosystem Services in Social-Ecological Systems
(Editors: Martin Schultze, Christine Fürst, Ulfia A. Lenfers, Martin Volk)
30 Nov 2018 8
Trade-offs between Large-Scale and Small-Scale Forest Commercialization
(Editors: Aaron J.M. Russell, Krystof Obidzinski, Harpinder Sandhu)
30 Sep 2014 5
Transforming Telecoupled Landscapes Towards Sustainable Development
(Editors: Peter Messerli, Julie G. Zähringer, Enrico Celio, Adrienne Grêt-Regamey, Bruno Ramamonjisoa)
31 Jul 2019
Understanding the Patterns, Drivers and Consequences of Agricultural Land Use Change and Land-Use Intensity
(Editors: Fabian Löw, Alexander Prishchepov, Florian Schierhorn)
31 Mar 2018 7
Urban Land Systems: An Ecosystems Perspective Printed Edition available
(Editors: Andrew Millington, Harini Nagendra, Monika Kopecká)
30 Jun 2017 11
Wildland Fires
(Editors: Alistair M. S. Smith, James A. Lutz, Chad M. Hoffman, Grant Williamson, Andrew T. Hudak)
1 Apr 2017 6
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