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20th Anniversary

The year 2024 marks the 20th anniversary of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH), a peer-reviewed open access journal on health promotion and disease prevention. With a CiteScore of 7.3, the journal is covered in Scopus, PubMed, and other databases. The journal has published more than 62,500 papers from more than 224,400 authors. More than 77,500 reviewers have reviewed the journal at least once. We equally value the contributions made by our editors, authors, and reviewers.

In honor of the journal’s 20th anniversary, we are reflecting on our past accomplishments and embarking on an exciting new chapter. We invite you to join us in celebrating this milestone for our journal and to explore the content we have prepared for you below.

20th Anniversary

Journal History

The inaugural issue was released. IJERPH was published as a biannual journal.

Prof. Dr. Paul B. Tchounwou was appointed as the Editor-in-Chief of IJERPH.

IJERPH adopted a quarterly publication schedule.

IJERPH was indexed in Scopus.

IJERPH received a CiteScore (2011) of 2.0.

IJERPH published its 5,000th paper.

IJERPH organized the International Electronic Conference on Environmental Health Sciences in 2018 and 2019 on Sciforum.

IJERPH announced the first edition of the Young Investigator Award, Outstanding Reviewer Award and Travel Award.

IJERPH adopted a semimonthly publication schedule.

IJERPH published its 10,000th paper.

IJERPH received a CiteScore (2021) of 4.5.

IJERPH received a CiteScore (2022) of 5.4.

IJERPH adopted a monthly publication schedule.

IJERPH received a new CiteScore (2023) of 7.3.

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“All of my experiences publishing with IJERPH have been wonderful. The journal is a well-oiled machine and in many ways is a model for how the peer-review process should be

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“Publishing with IJERPH has always been a simple, timely process. Reviews are completed quickly and the editors have excellent, clear, and responsive communication. The journal seems to be well-staffed and

[...] Read more.

“The process has been very efficient, good feedback from reviewers, and high visibility for our work.”

Paper Link: https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/21/1/4

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Top 10 Cited Papers

Pesticide Exposure, Safety Issues, and Risk Assessment Indicators
by Christos A. Damalas and Ilias G. Eleftherohorinos
A Nationwide Survey of Psychological Distress among Italian People during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Immediate Psychological Responses and Associated Factors
by Cristina Mazza, Eleonora Ricci, Silvia Biondi, Marco Colasanti, Stefano Ferracuti, Christian Napoli and Paolo Roma
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Anniversary Special Issues

The 20th Anniversary of IJERPH
edited by
submission deadline 31 Mar 2025 | 8 articles | Viewed by 9624 | Submission Open
Keywords: global health; health care sciences; behavioral and mental health; infectious diseases; chronic diseases and disease prevention; exercise and health-related quality of life; environmental health; environmental sciences

Special Issue Collection


IJERPH 2021–2023 Outstanding Special Issue Award—Winners Announced

We are pleased to announce the winners of the IJERPH 2021–2023 Outstanding Special Issue Award. All Special Issues closed between 2021 and 2023 in IJERPH were considered for the award. Following a review process by the Award Evaluation Committee, forty winners were selected.

The First Prize: CHF 500; a chance to publish a paper free of charge in IJERPH in 2024 after peer review; and a certificate.

The Health and Wellbeing of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples around the Globe
Edited by: Prof. Dr. Joan Cunningham, Dr. Abbey Diaz, Dr. Kalinda Griffiths and Dr. Lisa Whop

Worker Safety, Health, and Well-Being in the USA
Edited by: Dr. Sara L. Tamers, Dr. Lewis Casey Chosewood and Dr. Jessica Streit

Housing and Health
Edited by: Prof. Lorenzo Capasso and Prof. Dr. Daniela D’Alessandro

Disasters and Their Consequences for Public Health
Edited by: Dr. Kimberley Shoaf

New Perspectives in Health: Gut Microbiota
Edited by: Prof. Dr. Diana María Cardona Mena and Dr. Pablo Roman

Health Risk Assessment Related to Environmental Exposure
Edited by: Dr. Angela Di Pietro

Health Care Access among Underserved Groups
Edited by: Dr. Jeanine Suurmond, Prof. Dr. Charles Agyemang and Dr. Morten Skovdal

Sedentary Behaviour and Physical Activity in the Workplace
Edited by: Dr. Gemma Ryde and Dr. Simone A. Tomaz

The Psychological Impact of Covid-19 on Vulnerable, Marginalized or At-Risk Groups
Edited by: Dr. Finiki Nearchou and Dr. Cliodhna O’Connor

Sleep Quality Research
Edited by: Dr. Giuseppe Barbato

The Second Prize: a gift; a chance to publish a paper free of charge in IJERPH in 2024 after peer review; and a certificate.

Health Care Needs of Migrants: Guarding the Most Vulnerable—Refugees, Women and Children
Edited by: Dr. Alexandra Jablonka, Dr. Happle Christine and Dr. Iro Evlampidou

Promotion of Healthy Foods: Effectiveness, Evaluation and Agenda Setting for Examining Intervention Techniques to Improve Dietary Intake
Edited by: Dr. Frans Folkvord

Toward a Better Understanding of Young People’s Health in Central and Eastern European Countries
Edited by: Prof. Dr. Joanna Mazur and Prof. Dr. Kastytis Šmigelskas

The Implications of the Social Determinants of Health for Quality of Life, and Wellbeing
Edited by: Prof. Dr. Ann Hemingway and Dr. Folashade Tawakalitu Alloh

Social Determinants of Health
Edited by: Dr. Roland J. Thorpe, Jr., Dr. Paul Archibald, Dr. Marino A. Bruce and Dr. Haley Barge

Modern Workplace Trends and Their Impact on Occupational Health and Safety
Edited by: Prof. Dr. Espen Olsen and Prof. Dr. Maria Therese Jensen

New Threads in Environmental Toxicology
Edited by: Prof. Dr. Miguel Motas Guzmán and Dr. Marta Esteban López

Multiple Exposure in Occupational Settings
Edited by: Dr. Frédéric Clerc and Dr. Thais C. Morata

Environmental Exposures in Pregnancy
Edited by: Dr. Amy M. Padula, Dr. Kelly K. Ferguson and Dr. Jeanette A. Stingone

Long COVID and Post-COVID-19 Syndromes
Edited by: Prof. Dr. Walter Malorni, Dr. Danilo Buonsenso, Prof. Dr. Umberto Moscato and Dr. Leuconoe Grazia Sisti

Basics of Hygiene in Public Health and Health Promotion
Edited by: Prof. Dr. Danila de Vito, Prof. Dr. Davide Farronato and Prof. Dr. Marco Tatullo

Influenza as a Problem of Public Health
Edited by: Prof. Dr. Aneta Nitsch-Osuch

COVID-19 and Environment: Impacts of a Global Pandemic
Edited by: Dr. Sachiko Kodera and Dr. Essam A. Rashed

2nd Edition of Urban Green Spaces
Edited by: Prof. Dr. Paloma Cariñanos
Health Care from Patients’ Perspective
Edited by: Prof. Dr. Andrea Glässel

The Role of the Caregiver in Health and Social Care: The Importance of Caring for the Caregiver
Edited by: Dr. Mercedes Guilabert Mora, Prof. Dr. Virtudes Pérez-Jover and Prof. Dr. Irene Carrillo Murcia

Using Digital Health Technologies to Improve Healthcare Quality
Edited by: Dr. Anna Janssen and Dr. Melissa Brunner

Working with Communities to Promote Health
Edited by: Dr. Freya MacMillan, Dr. Joanna Schwarzman, Dr. Kate McBride and Dr. Jane Sixsmith

Physical Exercise and Chronic Diseases Prevention
Edited by: Prof. Dr. Thomas E. Dorner and Dr. Igor Grabovac

Interaction of Exercise and Cognitive Function
Edited by: Prof. Dr. Ellen Glickman and Dr. Yongsuk Seo

Environmental and Psychosocial Factors Associated with Physical Activity Behavior and Motor Competence among Children and Adolescents
Edited by: Dr. Javier Molina-García, Dr. Xavier García-Massó, Dr. Isaac Estevan and Dr. Ana Queralt

Pediatric Sports Related Injuries: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Edited by: Dr. Louis-Nicolas Veilleux and Dr. Corinna Franklin

Physical Activity, Body Composition, Health Behaviors and Related Health Issues
Edited by: Dr. Joanna Baran and Dr. Justyna Leszczak

One Year into the COVID-19 Crisis: Mental Health, Burnout, Trauma and Resilience
Edited by: Prof. Dr. Fabienne Glowacz, Prof. Dr. Isabelle Hansez and Prof. Dr. Adélaide Blavier

Addressing Tobacco and Nicotine Use among Adolescent and Young Adult Populations
Edited by: Dr. Mary Hrywna, Dr. Ollie Ganz and Dr. Adam Cole

The Role of Behavioural Science during COVID-19
Edited by: Dr. Rachael Dodd, Assoc. Prof. Rae Thomas, Dr. Julie Ayre and Dr. Kristen Pickles

Women's Mental Health: A Framework for Its Assessment, Prevention, and Promotion in Health Care Settings
Edited by: Prof. Dr. Carmela Mento and Dr. Maria Catena Silvestri

Novel Approaches to Suicide Prevention
Edited by: Dr. Jo Robinson and Dr. Nicole Hill

Mental Health of Indigenous Peoples
Edited by: Dr. Kim Matheson, Dr. Amy Bombay and Dr. Robyn McQuaid

Child Maltreatment: New Frontiers in Prevention, Response, and Resilience
Edited by: Prof. Dr. Tracie Afifi and Dr. Ashley Stewart-Tufescu

Please join us in congratulating the winners of the IJERPH 2021–2023 Outstanding Special Issue Award. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Guest Editors for their continued support of IJERPH.

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Papers Cited in the News in 2021–2023

Throughout the period of 2021–2023, research published in IJERPH was featured over 3700 times in news articles published by reputable media sources such as The Washington Post, National Geographic, Time Magazine, and Forbes.

Learn more about the research below.

“This of course presents numerous health challenges. Consider that in communities with limited access to grocery stores, there tend to be high concentrations of fast food outlets—often referred to as food swamps—and combined, the result is higher rates of premature death from diabetes, even after factoring in income, education and race.”

Forbes—"From Plant To Plate: Grow-Your-Own Kits Are Helping To Alleviate Food Insecurity”.

IJERPH—"Food Swamps Predict Obesity Rates Better Than Food Deserts in the United States”.

Article link: https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/14/11/1366.

Many residents who survived the so-called Camp Fire are now grappling with chronic post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression, according to a new study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

U.S. News—"Mental Health Trauma Plagues Wildfire Survivors”.

IJERPH—"Chronic Mental Health Sequelae of Climate Change Extremes: A Case Study of the Deadliest Californian Wildfire”.

Article link: https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/18/4/1487.

A 2019 study conducted by Patterson and Robert Harley of the University of California-Berkeley's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering showed that rerouting the Cypress Freeway — Interstate 880 — and building the Mandela Parkway cut nitrogen oxides by an annual average of 38%, and soot by 25%, along the parkway. But West Oakland in general is still heavily polluted by the rerouted I-880, as well as I-580 and I-980.

U.S. News—"Can Biden's Plan to Remove Urban Highways Improve the Health of American Cities?”

IJERPH—"Effects of Freeway Rerouting and Boulevard Replacement on Air Pollution Exposure and Neighborhood Attributes”.

Article link: https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/16/21/4072.

The COVID-19 pandemic shifted our lives in myriad ways, including the amount of time we spent glued to our devices. Research published in 2021 found that Americans in their early twenties used their phones an average of 28.5 hours per week in 2020—up from 25.9 hours per week in 2018. One review of studies conducted in 2020 and 2021 put the estimates even higher, finding that average screen time for adults in the U.S. and other countries increased 60–80% from before the pandemic.”

Time Magazine—"Experts Can’t Agree on How Much Screen Time Is Too Much for Adults”.

IJERPH—"Recreational Screen Time Behaviors during the COVID-19 Pandemic in the U.S.: A Mixed-Methods Study among a Diverse Population-Based Sample of Emerging Adults”.

Article link: https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/18/9/4613.

Research shows that running has important positive implications for mental health, particularly depression and anxiety disorders, both of which plagued me. I wasn’t a great runner, but that didn’t seem to matter. Any regular exercise is associated with emotional resilience to acute stress. When I couldn’t get out to run, I took a cue from a fellow cancer mom and ran up and down the hospital stairwell.”

The Washington Post—"When my daughter was in the hospital, this was what kept me sane”.

IJERPH—"A Scoping Review of the Relationship between Running and Mental Health”.

Article link: https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/17/21/8059.

And while the Northeast and upper Midwest are hotspots, ticks are on the move. Changing climate facilitates their spread, while expanding suburbs provide ideal habitat for white-footed mice—their main disease reservoir—and deer, a key host.”

National Geographic—"Why tick-borne diseases have reached ‘epidemic proportions’”.

IJERPH—"Range Expansion of Tick Disease Vectors in North America: Implications for Spread of Tick-Borne Disease”.

Article link: https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/15/3/478

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