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D1: Advanced Energy Materials

A section of Energies (ISSN 1996-1073).

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The increasing energy demand due to growing global population and the critical relationship between Energy, environment and sustainability lead to novel discoveries and advancement in the field of Energy Materials in search of alternative resources. Energy materials is making ground breaking developments in the science of materials innovation and production. The major significance of Energy helps in strengthening the research and advancement of materials for energy applications. The universal emphasis on energy is to develop materials for energy generation, low energy processing, energy conservation and conversion to meet the increasing energy demand. Download Section Flyer

Advancing our science and technology, from fundamental breakthroughs in materials and chemistry to improving manufacturing processes, is critical to our energy future. These advances will require a new generation of advanced materials, including

  • Energy and Power Materials
    • Energy Storage
      • Batteries, such as Lithium-ion batteries, Na-ion batteries, Zinc-ion batteries, Aluminum-ion battery, metal-air batteries, aqueous batteries and more
      • Electrolytes and electrode materials for solar cells/batteries/supercapacitors
      • Electrochemical capacities
    • Energy Conversation
      • Semiconducting materials for solar or photovoltaic cells, such as perovskite materials, polymer materials, dye-sensitized materials, QDs silicon-based materials, hybrid materials, and more
      • Magnetocalorics, Piezoelectronics, Thermoelectrics, Photoelectrochemical, Photosensitive materials and devices
      • Power-to-fuels and fuel cells
      • Microturbines
      • Waste heat recovery
      • Water splitting and photocatalysis
    • Electric Propulsion Components
    • Energy Dissipation
    • Energy Sources, such as fossil fuels, nuclear and more
  • Structural and Multifunctional Materials
    • Propulsion
    • Batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles
    • Thermal insulation material
    • EM and acoustic energy wave management
  • Electronic and Photonic Materials
    • Power electronic components, RF switching
    • High power lasers, inorganic optical limiters (laser eye)
    • Microreactors for compact power
  • Functional Organic and Hybrid Materials
    • Fuel cell membranes
    • Metal-organic catalysts
    • Molecular/macromolecular magnets
  • Bioderived and Bioinspired Materials
    • Catalysis
    • Biomass and Biofuel production
    • Biomimetic kinetic energy protection
    • Energy conversion, photosynthesis
    • Bioinspired battery and fuel cell devices


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