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L: Energy Sources

A section of Energies (ISSN 1996-1073).

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The modern world is seeking solutions to become more sustainable in terms of power generation and more efficient as well. One of the solutions are to implement renewable generation in the electrical power system and so far after hydropower - the wind turbine technology has been the fastest moving technology just followed tight by photovoltaic systems. A steady growth for decades of the installed wind power has reached 500 GW capacity in 2017 and together with the up-scaling of the single wind turbine power capability - eg. 8-10 MW's are announced by manufacturers this has pushed the research and development of all aspects in terms wind power engineering. From overall resource assessment of locations and down to material details in eg blades and gear-boxes. Therefore the topic Wind Energy is trying to cover all aspects of wind power in order promote the multi-disciplinary aspects of the technology.

Some trends are that the power electronic converters move towards full scale power conversion, large efforts are done towards lower cost pr kW and kWh all the time in the wind turbine system to stay competitive compared to other renewable energy technologies, higher power density and lower weights are needed as well as there is a constant need for a higher reliability for all system components in order to reduce operation and maintenance costs. Also substantial efforts are carried out on the wind turbine technology to comply with the more stringent grid codes, especially grid faults ride-through and reactive power injection, which challenges the power converter topologies and the wind turbine components during operation. New materials, new foundations, new mechanical constructions, new blades relevant for the wind power technology are also very welcome to submit to this journal. Download Section Flyer

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