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G: Energy and Buildings

A section of Energies (ISSN 1996-1073).

Section Information

The aim of Energies’ Energy and Buildings Section is to present new research results, and new proven practice aimed at reducing the energy needs of a building, improving building energy efficiency, and improving how energy is managed in buildings. Download Section Flyer

Example topic areas within the scope of our journal's Energy and Buildings Section are listed below. This list is neither exhaustive nor exclusive:

  • Sustainable buildings
    • Solar and other renewable energy sources in buildings
    • Resilience and climate adaptability of buildings
    • Green buildings
    • Energy efficiency improvement measures
    • Zero-energy, low-energy, and carbon-neutral buildings
    • Life cycle energy efficiency of buildings and embodied energy
    • Architectural structure - construction energy efficiency
    • Life cycle assessment (LCA) of buildings
    • Building physics as applied to energy
  • Energy consumption in buildings
    • Energy demands
    • Prediction and validation
    • Building total performance
    • Building energy modeling
    • Data science (AI, machine learning) for building energy management
    • Building energy demand management
    • District heating and cooling
    • Heat recovery systems for buildings
    • New building materials, including envelope materials
    • Building energy storage
  • Building environmental control
    • Human health and comfort related to energy
    • Lighting, acoustic, & other factors related to energy
    • Model predictive control & other control strategies
    • Building genome, other biological factors, & impacts on energy
  • Intelligent buildings
    • Smart cities
    • Smart homes
    • Smart technologies
    • Building services for the smart grid

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